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#BREAKING Belarus authorities try to forcibly expel Kolesnikova, who rips up passport and is detained at Ukraine border

Ben Aris in Berlin September 8, 2020

“This is terror at the state level. Stalin's KGB methods in action. National Coordination Council leaders are being abducted by masked men. By night, then they end up either in prison or in neighbouring countries," tweets local journalist.

Belarusian opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova listed as "missing person"

Ben Aris in Berlin September 8, 2020

Opposition leaders Maria Kolesnikova, Anton Radniankou and Ivan Kravcov all went missing on September 7, assumed snatched by security services. Police say they have mounted a hunt for Kolesnikova.

#UPDATED Maria Kolesnikova and two colleagues go missing

Ben Aris in Belrin September 7, 2020

Reports on social media describe her as abducted and bundled into a van in central Minsk on the morning of September 7, apparently picked up by police.

Lukashenko unleashes the Titushki as the people unmask the OMON

Ben Aris in Berlin September 7, 2020

At least 100,000 Belarusians took to the streets of Minsk again on Sunday, September 6 for the weekly mass demonstration against Belarus' self-appointed President Alexander Lukashenko under the slogan “all for one and one for all"

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin arrives in Minsk to close on a “Rublezone” Union State deal

Ben Aris in Berlin September 3, 2020

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin unexpectedly arrived in Minsk with a large delegation of top Russian ministers on September 3 to work out the details of a deal that will create a “Rublezone” Union State.

German doctors confirm Navalny poisoned with Novichok

bne IntelliNews September 2, 2020

German doctors confirmed that anti-corruption blogger and opposition activist Alexei Navalny was poisoned with an agent from the Novichok family of nerve agents.

Back to school: Belarusian students and school children clash with police

Ben Aris in Berlin September 2, 2020

Self-appointed President Lukashenko's OMON riot police arrest students and school children.

Bonds of Belarus leading supermarket Eurotorg a golden buying opportunity, says VTBC

Ben Aris in Berlin September 1, 2020

Bankers have been eyeing up Belarus’ leading supermarket chain and say that the current political crisis in the country is a golden buying opportunity to get into one of the best growth stories the republic has to offer.

Ukraine's court cancels anti-corruption agency director appointment

bne IntelliNews September 1, 2020

Artem Sytnyk's 2015 appointment by ex-president Poroshenko as Director of the National Anti-corruption Bureau (NABU) has been ruled "unconstitutional" by Constitutional Court on August 28.

Opposition leaders Viktor Babariko and Maria Kolesnikova found political party “Together”

bne IntelliNews September 1, 2020

The jailed ex-banker Viktor Babariko and Maria Kolesnikova, one of the trio of women that campaigned against Lukashenko, have founded a new political party called “Together” to fight in new elections the opposition hope to bring about.

Lukashenko suggests changing the constitution again as Tikhanovskaya invited to address UN Security Council

bne IntelliNews August 31, 2020

Belarus' self-appointed President Alexander Lukashenko attempted to calm his citizens again after another weekend of demonstrations by suggesting changing the constitution, as opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya is invited to address the UN.

People numbers and girl power overwhelm Lukashenko's riot police in Belarus' twin weekend rallies

Ben Aris in Berlin August 31, 2020

20,000 women marched in Minsk on Saturday and at least 200,000 people filled the streets on Sunday to call for the resignation of President Alexander Lukashenko overwhelming the police deployed to prevent the rally from happening.

Belarus unrest increases banking sector vulnerabilities says Fitch

Ben Aris in Berlin August 28, 2020

Belarus' political crisis is exacerbating risks to its banks' financial profiles, with the initial impact on their funding and liquidity positions, Fitch Ratings said.

Lukashenko to impose sanctions on Lithuania and Poland as the Belarusian women get ready to march in protest

Ben Aris in Berlin, Linas Jegelevicius in Vilnius August 28, 2020

Belarus' self-appointed president Alexander Lukashenko threatened to impose sanctions on Lithuania and Poland and block the transit of goods in reprisal for sanctions the two countries have already imposed on him.

Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office says no need to open criminal case into Navalny’s poisoning

bne IntelliNews August 28, 2020

Russia’s General Prosecutor’s Office (GPO) says it doesn’t see any grounds for opening a criminal case into the poisoning of anti-corruption blogger and opposition activist Alexei Navalny, it said in a press release on August 27.

Putin says Russia has special security reserve ready to help Belarus’ Lukashenko

Ben Aris in Berlin August 27, 2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Kremlin has a special reserve of police ready to send to Minsk “if necessary”.

Belarus is running out of cash

Ben Aris in Berlin August 27, 2020

ATMs in Minsk are empty as the population scrambles to convert their rubles into dollars in the expectation of yet another economic crisis.

The political crisis is putting pressure on Belarus’ already weak economy says IIF

bne IntelliNews August 27, 2020

Political uncertainty, together with the shock of the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic that is ravishing the country unchecked, has weighed heavily on Belarus’ economy, which could be headed towards a crisis, according to a note issued by IIF

Belarusian Nobel Prize-winning author Alexievich refuses to answer investigators’ questions

bne IntelliNews August 26, 2020

Belarusian Nobel Prize-winning author Svetlana Alexievich refused to answer investigators’ questions after she was called in as a witness into a criminal probe that has been launched into the opposition Coordinating Council.

Russia's Yakunin-founded Dialogue of Civilizations think-tank in Berlin demands formal apology for "biased" Spiegel exposé articles

Ben Aris in Berlin August 26, 2020

The Dialogue of Civilizations (DOC) think-tank in Berlin has made a formal complaint to Germany’s press council about two articles that appeared in Der Spiegel claiming the institution is part of Russia’s hybrid war on the West.