Control mode regional elections go well for United Russia.

By bne IntelliNews October 15, 2012
On October 14 5 gubernatorial, 10 mayoral and local parliament elections, as well as almost 5,000 other polls for local representatives of various degrees took place in 77 Russian regions. The elections were seen as a threat to pro-Putin pro-Kremlin ruling party United Russia that controls the parliament and all other political landscapes, with the first gubernatorial elections allowed since 2004, the record number of independent candidates and "election watchers", Vladimir's Putin ratings sliding down since inauguration in March, and the memories of the December's largest mass protests in a decade against parliamentary election fraud still fresh. Putin's establishment responded to these expectations with cracking down on both systemic opposition in State Duma and non-systemic opposition on the street, as well as across-the-board effort to hold the elections in "control mode", such as holding almost 5,000 different polls on one day, setting a screening "filter" for gubernatorial candidates, and interventions by the courts in the election process in some regions, and others. This has yielded results: while the exact vote counts are still being processed, it is already clear that if United Russia lost some of the regional positions, then only marginally. Ex-president and now PM and chair of United Russia Dmitry Medvedev already told the press that "the anticipated fiasco after December's parliamentary elections did not happen", stressing that the larger number of parties and candidates running in the elections only strengthens the success of his party.
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