Understanding Business Sentiment in Ukraine: Q2 2024 Benchmarking Survey – UBN Network

By IntelliNews Press Release Service May 5, 2024

[KYIV,  UBN Network, May 5, 2024] - Understanding Business Sentiment in Ukraine: Q2 2024 Benchmarking Survey

Many executives are struggling with business planning in Ukraine given the continued market uncertainty, with skewed assumptions and multiple global narratives of Ukraine depending on the source.

To cut through the noise, and provide a real, objective perspective of the market sentiment with hard data - from 2024 performance to date, talent management, cost pressures, support from corporate, and views on the war – we are conducting our Q2 2024 benchmarking survey, with our full report to be published in June.

This will be complimentary for all survey respondents, so we would like to invite you to take our business benchmarking survey. Your input will maximize the impact of the survey and takes less than five minutes to complete. All results are entirely anonymous and treated in 100% strict confidentiality. No corporate or individual name will appear in the survey report findings and answers are never divulged to third parties.

Thank you in advance for participating. The importance of our results cannot be overstated in terms of providing a comprehensive reflection of the investment environment in Ukraine. Please click the button below to begin the survey, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.






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