Tirana police officer loses fingers in clashes with ring road protesters

Tirana police officer loses fingers in clashes with ring road protesters
By bne IntelliNews November 23, 2018

12 Albanian police officers were injured in clashes with protestors who tried to enter the parliament building during protests over the demolition of their homes and businesses to make way for the Tirana ring road, the police said on November 22.

Citizens of the Astir area in Tirana have have been protesting on a daily basis for more than two weeks against the Tirana municipality’s project to build a ring road that requires the demolition of some houses and stores.

Police were injured by people who threw pyrotechnic materials, and sent to hospital for treatment, the police said in the statement.

Two of them were seriously injured, and one female police officer lost her fingers.

Protestors are trying to persuade the Albanian authorities to abandon the project.

Prime Minister Edi Rama said that protestors crossed the "red line" by protesting in front of the parliament and they must take responsibility for the incident.

The 27 km ring road project is aimed at solving the traffic problems in Tirana and is seen by authorities as an important project as it will ease traffic flow and reduce congestion-related travel delays for cars and public transport. 

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