Bosnia's Serb entity to sue US companies for shutting down government’s websites

Bosnia's Serb entity to sue US companies for shutting down government’s websites
The Republika Srpska presidency site at its old .net address. It has since been moved to / bne IntelliNews
By bne IntelliNews November 2, 2023

The government of Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Republika Srpska will sue US companies for shutting down its websites, reported on November 2, quoting the entity’s Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic.

The websites of Republika Srpska’s government, presidency, the civil service and the inspection administration were taken down several days earlier as part of US sanctions on top politicians in the entity.

All Republika Srpska’s official websites were back online on November 2 under the .rs domain of Serbia.

“[It is online but] not with the domain we paid for until February 2025. It did not work thanks to your friends,” Viskovic said as quoted by N1, accusing the opposition of being responsible for what happened.

“Our friends, the [US] lobbyist law firm, are preparing a lawsuit against that company, which – without notice and evidence - denied the services we had paid for until February 2025. We shall file a lawsuit. Unfortunately, we have to file it in the US, in their courts. The damage was done, and the site was not visible outside the borders of Republika Srpska for 4-5 days,” Viskovic added.

The entity’s websites remained visible within Republika Srpska following an agreement with the M:TEL telco to secure visibility through the area code number.

“We have to transfer 3,000 websites to the .rs domain, the .net domain is banned. By the end of the week, the sites will be operational. Nothing was destroyed, everything is there”, Viskovic added.

The US-owned domains were discontinued for all websites of Republika Srpska due to sanctions that the US government imposed on the entity’s President Milorad Dodik and his closest associates over corruption in the country and threats of secession.