Afghanistan joins list of Uzbekistan’s largest trading partners in 4M23 despite very small export volume

By Muzaffar Ismailov in Tashkent May 25, 2023

Trade between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan was valued at $259.5mn  in 4M23, according to the Uzbek national statistical agency. Uzbek exports to Afghanistan made up $257.3mn, but imports entering Uzbekistan from Afghanistan constituted just $2.2mn.

China was the largest trade partner at a value of $3.3bn. Russia, Uzbekistan's number one trade partner in 2022 (at $9.27bn), placed second at $2.9bn, followed by Kazakhstan at $1.5bn and Turkey $1.0bn.

Mutual trade with Korea amounted to $802mn. Germany was close behind at $787.4mn.

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