USAID initiative aims to strengthen Uzbekistan's pharmaceutical industry

By Mokhi Sultanova in Tashkent June 10, 2024

A $2.5mn, two-year initiative backed by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) will aim to raise regulatory standards and boost production capacity in Uzbekistan's pharmaceutical industry, the US Embassy in Tashkent has announced.

US Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Jonathan Henick, together with Uzbek health ministry officials and the Agency for Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry, inaugurated the programme, entitled Diversifying Asia’s Pharmaceutical Supply Chain.

Presently, Uzbekistan is home to more than 220 private pharmaceutical entities, contributing approximately 45% of the country's medicinal output. The government wants to raise the percentage to 80% by 2026. 

Speaking at the launch event, Henick said: “Through our partnership, we will improve the health of the people of Uzbekistan while also improving the strength and responsiveness of the public and private pharmaceutical sectors.

"By aligning with global standards, we not only protect patients but also boost trust in local medicines, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists, and the healthcare system as a whole."

A core project objective is securing assurance that medicines manufactured in Uzbekistan adhere to stringent quality benchmarks. 

"Medicines that are not manufactured properly may harm patients directly or fail to treat their underlying diseases," noted Henick.

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