Record rainfall hits Kyiv as meteorologists warn of flood risk

Record rainfall hits Kyiv as meteorologists warn of flood risk
It's pouring down with rain in Kyiv and meteorologist are warning of floods / bne IntelliNews
By bne IntelliNews April 24, 2024

Meteorologists in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv recorded unprecedented rainfall on April 21, marking a significant uptick in precipitation that has raised concerns about potential flooding in the region.

According to data from the Boris Sreznevsky Central Geophysical Observatory, Kyiv experienced a record-breaking rainfall of 25.8 millimetres on April 21, surpassing the previous record set in 1938 by 10.6 millimetres.

The surge in rainfall has led to a notable increase in water levels, particularly along the Dnipro River within Kyiv. As of Monday, water levels in the city had risen by 67 centimetres, reaching 600 centimetres above the "0" mark.

As bne IntelliNews has reported, one of the effects of global warming will be to drastically increase the amount of rainfall and the number of extreme storms, as warmer air can hold more water. Flooding will be come more common and more extreme and France, Russia and Kazakhstan have already seen record breaking floods this year.

While the hydrological phenomenon has prompted the issuance of a Level I (yellow) alert for hydrological hazards, no reports of significant flooding or emergencies have been documented within the city.

However, the inclement weather has not been limited to Kyiv alone. In the Odessa, Mykolaiv, and Kherson regions, residents experienced what local meteorologists have dubbed "dirty" rain, characterised by the presence of sand particles from the Sahara Desert. This phenomenon, caused by a cyclone over the Mediterranean Sea, resulted in rainfall laden with sand particles being deposited across the region.

In light of these developments, residents have taken to social media to share images of their surroundings, showcasing vehicles and buildings covered in fine brown droplets, indicative of the sand-laden rainfall.

While the situation has not yet resulted in significant disruptions or emergencies, meteorological authorities continue to monitor the weather closely, emphasising the need for vigilance.

Over in Russia, thousands have been evacuated from their homes after torrential rainfall hit the Orenburg region, close to the border with Kazakhstan. The phenomenon is global, with Dubai recently hit by a year’s worth of rain in a  single day, and attributed to dangerously high levels of global warming.