Moldova's Socialist government survives no-confidence vote

Moldova's Socialist government survives no-confidence vote
By bne IntelliNews July 21, 2020

The no-confidence motion filed by the pro-EU Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) and Dignity and Truth Platform Party (PPDA) was supported by only 46 of the 101 MPs on July 20, therefore, the government of Prime Minister Ion Chicu remained in office.

Chicu, formerly an adviser to President Igor Dodon, was appointed last November after the pro-EU parties were pushed out of the ruling coalition by Dodon’s Socialists helped by the Democratic Party (PDM), formerly headed by fugitive businessman/political leader Vlad Plahotniuc. The PDM, which unconvincingly claims no ties with Plahotniuc now, said before the no-confidence motion that it would join the pro-EU parties to form a new majority, but the negotiations stalled.

The no-confidence motion was supported, besides the pro-EU opposition parties, by the two political vehicles that are more or less openly controlled by Plahotniuc (Pro Moldova) and fellow fugitive businessmen and politician Ilan Shor (Sor Party).

The text of the motion refers to "poor management of the socio-economic crisis, the government's attitude towards the media, the executive’s foreign policy actions and its attempts to interfere in the judiciary."

After the vote in parliament, Dodon — the political sponsor of the government — invited the PAS and PPDA (his ruling partners for nearly half a year starting last summer) to talks aimed at reaching an agreement to consolidate the fragile support enjoyed by the executive in parliament. The coalition of two ruling parties has 50 MPs in the 101-seat parliament, while an independent MP backs the government, securing a certain stability.

However, the pro-EU parties announced plans for another no-confidence motion to be filed during a possible extraordinary session of the legislative body in August. Technically, the parties that supported the motion on July 20 can call such an extraordinary session, but the outcome of the vote remains uncertain.

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