Iran “moving toward third wave of coronavirus” says Tehran official

Iran “moving toward third wave of coronavirus” says Tehran official
Iraon Thursday inaugurating several national infrastructure projects in the fields of health, hygiene and medical treatment.
By bne IntelIiNews September 17, 2020

Forecasts show that Iran is “moving toward the third wave of the coronavirus, and it seems the wave will take shape in Tehran much earlier than other provinces," Alireza Zali, the anti-coronavirus coordinator for the capital has said.

The Islamic Republic has seen a steady uptrend in coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths and infections since it reached a brief lull in early September. By the end of September 17, total cases officially stood at more than 413,000 (up 2,815 on the day) and the coronavirus death toll was 23,808 (up 176 on the day).

Deputy Health Minister Alireza Raisi on September 15 warned of a "resurgence" of coronavirus cases as the country continues to battle what appears to be the Middle East's deadliest outbreak—although the official figures given by Turkey for its outbreak are subject to so much scepticism from medical associations in that country that it is perhaps Turkey that has the worst difficulties with the virus in the region.

Raisi said that infections were surging because of travel and people not following health protocols.

Wearing masks in Iran is compulsory in enclosed public spaces. Officials have called on people not to undertake travel when it is not strictly necessary. Religious occasions have led to travel spikes that have caused infection clusters.

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