Eight out of ten of Russians consider themselves happy, says VTsIOM

Eight out of ten of Russians consider themselves happy, says VTsIOM
Eight out of ten of Russians consider themselves happy, says VTsIOM, up from 68% last March. / bne IntelliNews
By bne IntelliNews March 20, 2023

Eight out of ten (82%) of Russians consider themselves happy, according to a recent survey conducted by state-owned Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM).

The poll surveyed 1,600 respondents over the age of 18 on March 10. Of those who claim to be happy, 35% say so with conviction.

The happiness index of Russians was 68 points, the same as last March. In October 2022, it was slightly lower 66 points, the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre experts pointed out.

When asked about the main pillars of happiness, those who say they are happy most often list their family (24%), their own and their family's health (21%), satisfaction with life in general (20%) and a good job (19%). Children make another 16% happy, and a good financial situation and prosperity, 13%. Living conditions and lack of loneliness were each cited by 8% of respondents, and 6% felt happy because of a healthy personal life.

Among those who feel unhappy, 20% cited the unsatisfactory situation in the country as the reason, and 19% the lack of material resources.

More than 40% of Russians believe that the majority of people around them are happy. One in three (36%) believes that there are about the same number of happy and unhappy people, and 14% notice more unhappy people.

The Social Happiness Index, which shows whether there are mostly happy or unhappy people around respondents, was 57 points in the March measurement. In March 2022, it was 60 points.

The pollsters noted that among those who definitely feel happy, 55% say they are surrounded by happy people, 9% see more unhappy people around them. In contrast, in the group of Russians who definitely feel unhappy, only 7% see more happy people around them, and 58% see more unhappy people around them.

Overall, the poll results indicate a relatively high level of happiness among Russians, with family, health and job satisfaction being the primary sources of happiness for most people. However, there are still a significant number of people who feel unhappy, with unsatisfactory situations in the country and lack of resources being the main reasons cited.