Tehran Mail: TV guest in Iran falls asleep in panel discussion

Tehran Mail: TV guest in Iran falls asleep in panel discussion
An Iranian ex-minister has been caught snoozing on TV in Iran over a discussion about education. / CC: Fararu, Telewebion
By bne Tehran bureau February 29, 2024

A guest on Iranian state television appears to have fallen asleep in a three-way discussion on education, Khabar Online reported on February 28.

The interview on IRINN television, the state news broadcasting news channel, appears to have caused hilarious viral responses on local social media channels, including people dubbing the video with loud snoring noises.

Ebrahim Saharkhiz, former deputy education minister and Professor at Farhangian University, was caught dozing off during the intense discussion on teaching training in the country. 

It’s unusual for the state television of the conservative country to continue to broadcast the blooper as usually, they would cut away to avoid causing embarrassment.

The other two speakers appeared deep in discussion while the third guest, Saharkhiz, slept in the left corner.

Iran is just days away from parliamentary elections, with the country in a sombre mood regarding the state of affairs, including the national currency.

However, local television has become less popular in recent years due to all channels on terrestrial television broadcast by the strict Islamic state.

IRIB has attempted to attract younger viewers, but as Saharkhiz indicates in the TV show, their topics are something to be desired.