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Romania’s central bank hikes monetary policy rate as expected

Question: Hello - did you see Isarescu commenting on a potential ideal gap between the policy rate and inflation during the Q&A pls?

Answers: Hello, indeed Isarescu touched this topic. But it was about the gap between inflation and money market interest rates [not policy interest rate]. What he clearly said, was that no one should expect the interest rates to rise in line with inflation soon [this would be bankers' wishful thinking, he implied between the lines]. He also mentioned that the [nearly] 2pp between the interest rates and inflation in Europe [euro area] is same in Romania [more or less, with the gap wider in Romania judging by numbers] at this moment. He did not say whether the gap will remain the same, but he implied that the developments in Romania should [and he stressed, in his opinion] converge to the developments in Europe. Both the interest rates and inflation in Romania should converge to same levels as in Europe , he also added. Isarescu also mentioned debates among monetary board's members about the process of normalisation of the monetary policy in Europe -- by normalisation meaning the return to real positive interest rates, sterilisation and monetary transmission mechanism as we know it. It is a process that impacts Romania significantly, he stated, and its dynamics is still unclear. [such normalisation would compress the 2pp gap and in fact, eventually, turn it negative -- our comments here ] In conclusion, the 2pp gap should be regarded as a dynamic target -- likely to follow the developments in the euro area. Because otherwise, combined with the 3.5% y/y yearend conflagration target it would result in 1.5% interest rates at the end of the year [which is unrealistic]. The bottom line: Isarescu's comments were not about the policy rate, but about the interest rates. whole speech here with the para mentioned starting min45  

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Albania to start roadshow for new Eurobond issue in 2-3 weeks

August 29, 2018

Albanian officials are expected to start the roadshow for the planned €500mn Eurobond issue in two to three weeks and they would prefer a maturity of five years or more, Deputy Finance ...

George Soros' Hungarian university falls victim to controversial immigration tax

August 29, 2018

The Central European University, founded by Hungarian-born philanthropist George Soros, suspended programmes for asylum seekers with immediate effect on August 28, becoming the first casualty of the ...

Top manager of Croatia's Uljanik shipyard resigns after week-long strike

August 29, 2018

The president of the management board of Croatia's Uljanik shipyard, Gianni Rossanda, resigned on August 28, a week after workers went on strike requesting payment of delayed salaries as well as a ...

IIF says “sharp slowdown in credit flow looks to be unfolding” in Turkey

August 28, 2018

The Institute of International Finance (IIF) on August 28 noted that a “sharp slowdown in credit flow looks to be unfolding” in Turkey. The resulting negative credit effects could cause ...

Mystery aircraft bombing occurs along Tajik-Afghan border

August 28, 2018

A Tajik or Russian aircraft bombed a Taliban-controlled border area in Afghanistan’s northeastern Takhar province, killing eight militants and wounding six. Afghan officials claimed on August 27. ...

Danube temperature close to danger level at Hungary's Paks nuclear power plant

August 28, 2018

The third block of Hungary's sole nuclear power plant came close to being shut down last week as the temperature of the Danube reached extreme levels, Hungarian media reported on August 27.  ...

Czech/Slovak EP Global Commerce plans to buy over 30% of European retail giant Metro

August 27, 2018

Czech investment vehicle EP Global Commerce (EPGC) owned by Czech/Slovak billionaires Patrik Tkac and Daniel ...

EU candidate Albania helps Italy end standoff over stranded migrant ship

August 27, 2018

Albania has decided to take 20 of the 140 migrants who have been stuck aboard an Italian coastguard ship for days, helping Italy end a growing political crisis over the ship.  Italian Premier ...

Moldovan opposition keeps up the pressure with thousands-strong protest in Chisinau

August 27, 2018

Thousands of opposition supporters staged a protest in Moldova's capital Chisinau on August 26 against the Democratic Party-led government headed by controversial billionaire Vladimir ...

Bulgaria’s company register resumes work after computer glitches force 17-day shutdown

August 27, 2018

The work of Bulgaria’s company register was fully restored on after its collapse 17 days earlier – the longest period it has not been operational since its creation, the ...

Hungary fights to slash high amount of cash in circulation

August 27, 2018

The Hungarian government has made efforts to reduce the volume of cash in circulation and promote the use of electronic payments in a bid to improve the country's competitiveness, local media ...

Uncertainty over strategic partnership dragged down Slovenian Gorenje Group's H1 sales

August 27, 2018

Slovenian household appliance manufacturer Gorenje Group reported declines in both net profits and revenues in H1.  Gorenje has been going through a major transition after China's Hisense ...

UK private equity firm signs memorandum on investing in Iran

August 26, 2018

British private equity firm Red Arrow Investment Group has signed a memorandum with Iranian counterpart Farda Roshan Group to invest in Iran, Asli Khabar reported on August 25. ...