Elevated no deal Brexit risk threatens CEE

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow January 16, 2019

Defeat of Theresa May’s deal in UK parliament raises the risk of a no deal Brexit which would have damaging consequences for the economies of Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe.

HEATMAP: bne IntelliNews Despair index

bne IntelliNews January 16, 2019

Newly created agency blocks contract with cronies of Hungary's Fidesz-led government

bne IntelliNews January 16, 2019

Fed up with overbilling, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban set up the new agency to oversee state-funded infrastructure investments two weeks ago.

Hungarian investors fall out of love with bonds

bne IntelliNews January 14, 2019

Bond investors raked in big losses last year and money continued to flow out of funds specialising in bond investments, analysis by Portfolio reveals.

Hungarian PM says stimulus needed to achieve 4% growth target

bne IntelliNews January 12, 2019

Viktor Orban focused on economic issues and laid out his visions for Europe at a rare international press conference.

Hungarian company merges IT with gastronomy to redefine the restaurant chain model

Levente Szilagyi in Budapest January 11, 2019

Cyberg, which operates a fast casual dining restaurant in downtown Budapest, will become the second company to have its shares traded on the Xtend market of the Budapest Stock Exchange.

HEATMAPS: Unemployment is mostly defeated but pay is not high enough

Ben Aris in Berlin January 9, 2019

Transition from the socialist system came at an enormous cost for most of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of unemployment and poverty, but now the fight against unemployment is almost won.

One in seven workers in Eastern Europe report delayed paychecks

bne IntelliNews January 7, 2019

Part-time workers were disproportionately affected by pay delays, with 22% saying they had received late pay, compared to 14% of full-time workers.

COMMENT: Romania's questionable new bank tax follows Hungary and Austria's footsteps

Gunter Deuber of Raiffeisen Research in Vienna January 7, 2019

The mood in Western Europe regarding Romania is currently not very positive. A new banking tax smacks of economic popularism

HEATMAPS: Inflation is defeated but the "Never Never index" still too high

Ben Aris in Berlin January 7, 2019

Sky high inflation has been the bane of emerging Europe for most of the last two and a half decades. The beast has been slain in most countries of the region, but the battle continues in others.

Hungarian labour unions step up resistance and call for nationwide demonstrations

bne IntelliNews January 7, 2019

National protest against the so-called "slave law" was joined by opposition parties, unions and civic organisations as the longest anti-government demonstrations since Viktor Orban took power continue.

Hungarian president signs controversial law raising overtime threshold

bne IntelliNews December 21, 2018

Adoption of the law had sparked the longest running anti-government protests since the right-wing government of Viktor Orban took power in 2010.

OUTLOOK 2019 Hungary

bne IntelliNews December 21, 2018

Prime Minister Viktor Orban firmed his grip on power after the third consecutive supermajority win by his conservative Fidesz party in the April 2018 general election, thanks to a strong economy and a relentless anti-migration campaign

Castoff clothing a $770mn business in Eastern Europe

Clare Nuttall in Bucharest and Tirana December 20, 2018

The CEE and Eurasia region accounts for around a quarter of the thriving $3bn global trade in secondhand clothing from western countries, but trade flows are being altered by rising incomes in the region and the falling quality of exports.

MPs thrown out of Hungarian state television station

bne IntelliNews December 18, 2018

Opposition politicians have joined the protests against Hungary's so-called "slave law" extending overtime hours, but were prevented from delivering their message on state TV.