Oxfam urges EU to blacklist Balkan tax havens

bne IntelliNews December 11, 2017

Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia are all among the 47 countries on the EU’s watchlist.

Macedonian prosecutors probe suspected money laundering by members of former government

bne IntelliNews December 10, 2017

Investigation launched after Serbian opposition leader Vuk Jeremic claimed former PM's cousin and other top officials from the VMRO-DPMNE government laundered money via firms in Serbia.

Serbia’s NPL ratio falls to the lowest level since January 2009

bne IntelliNews December 10, 2017

NPL ratio has fallen by over 10 percentage points since the central bank and IFIs launched a new strategy to tackle the issue in August 2015.

BOOK REVIEW: Russia plays a weak hand strongly in Southeast Europe

Clare Nuttall in Belgrade December 5, 2017

Russia has clawed its way back from its weak position after the end of the Cold War to make firm friends across Southeast Europe even in countries that are firmly in the Western camp.

Western Balkans need up to six decades to catch up with the EU

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje November 30, 2017

At current average growth rates, the Western Balkans countries won't achieve income convergence with the EU until the 2070s, finds a World Bank report that calls for structural reforms to boost GDP growth in the region.

US think tank calls for military presence to counter “breathtaking” Russian meddling in Western Balkans

bne IntelliNews November 29, 2017

Atlantic Council report claims that Washington's neglect has allowed Russia to reshape the geopolitical landscape in the region, and argues that a permanent US military presence is needed.

SEE economies lag behind on attracting FDI

bne IntelliNews November 22, 2017

Only Albania and Serbia have attracted a significant increase in foreign investment compared to 2010, according to UNCTAD.

Geothermal starts to glow in Southeast Europe

Clare Nuttall in Bucharest November 22, 2017

Turkey is an emerging geothermal superstar and countries across Eastern Europe are increasingly harnessing underground energy to provide cheap and eco-friendly local heating and energy.

UPDATED: "Butcher of Bosnia" Mladic sentenced to life in jail for Srebrenica genocide

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia November 22, 2017

Wartime commander of Bosnian Serb forces removed from courtroom after angry outburst before judge issues life sentence for massacre of 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys.

CMEC starts building $610mn thermal power unit at Serbia's Kostalac

bne IntelliNews November 21, 2017

The largest investment in Serbia's energy sector in three decades gets underway as Belgrade seeks to deepen economic cooperation with China.

Employment back to pre-crisis levels in Western Balkans

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia November 16, 2017

Unemployment is still "staggeringly high" in the region and one of its governments' main policy challenges despite the creation of 230,000 new jobs this year, World Bank says.

Serbian court issues suspended sentences over 2008 embassy fire

bne IntelliNews November 15, 2017

US angered by light sentences for those involved in attack on Belgrade embassy during protest over Washington's support for Kosovan independence.