Iran must exploit creation of ‘the West minus Trump’ says Rouhani advisor

bne IntelliNews July 20, 2018

Tehran must concentrate on addressing Europe, Canada and anti-Trump Americans in fending off Washington’s economic attack, says Hesamoddin Ashna.

EU tells EIB it can lend in Iran but bank’s head says move would risk global operations

bne IntelliNews July 19, 2018

Bloc’s lending arm fears doing business with Iranians would jeopardise ability to raise money in US.

Iran cites 1955 treaty as it sues US at World Court over sanctions

bne IntelliNews July 17, 2018

Document signed during era of the last Shah and Eisenhower means Donald Trump’s economic attack breaches international law, Iranians say.

US rebuffs EU pleas for Iran sanctions waivers

bne IntelliNews July 15, 2018

French finance minister says Europe needs to react quickly to protect its economic sovereignty.

Oil could jump to $250 a barrel if Iran closes Persian Gulf straights

bne IntelliNews staff in Tehran July 11, 2018

Crude oil prices could skyrocket towards $250 a barrel if Iran follows through on a threat to close the Straight of Hormuz on the edge of the Persian Gulf in retaliation to the US threat to blocks its oil exports, RT reported on July 11.

Iran allows private players to export oil in move countering sanctions

bne IntelliNews July 2, 2018

As evidence mounts Donald Trump wants nothing less than regime change in Tehran, Iranians work on trade defences and warn he will be the seventh US president to fail in that objective.

US to tolerate India’s Iran trade corridor but demands end to oil imports

bne IntelliNews June 28, 2018

Nikki Haley tries to arrange quid pro quo on visit to New Delhi but it is not clear PM Narendra Modi will budge on Iranian crude shipments.

Turkey not bound by US hardball campaign to wipe out Iran's oil exports says economy minister

bne IntelliNews June 27, 2018

Zeybekci says Turks will work to ensure their “friend and brother country” is not wronged.

Rouhani spells out to Europe what Iran wants to stay in nuclear deal

bne IntelliNews June 27, 2018

As tensions among economically stung traders and anti-accord hardliners mount, president sends letters with demands to Macron, May and Merkel.

Rouhani reassures Iranians of economic resilience in face of tightening US pressure

bne IntelliNews June 26, 2018

Iran’s president calls for unity as financial pain caused by rial’s collapse causes sporadic strikes among merchants.

US tells the world to quickly stop buying Iranian oil or face sanctions

bne IntelliNews June 26, 2018

Hopes that Washington will allow gradual reduction of imports dashed. Zero your shipments by November 4 or face the consequences, Trump administration tells foreign capitals.

BREAKING: Irate Iranian merchants march on parliament in Tehran to protest at currency's collapse

bne IntelliNews June 25, 2018

Several hundred people, mainly men, shut down their stalls in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar on June 25 and marched on the Iranian parliament, 30 minutes walk from the main trading centre.

China has “Iran oil lever” over Trump playing out in trade dispute and at OPEC

bne IntelliNews June 20, 2018

Beijing could undermine US plan to strangle Iranian economy by accepting more oil from the Islamic Republic.

France's finance minister concedes many French firms “won’t be able to stay" in sanctions-hit Iran

bne IntelliNews June 20, 2018

Commitment of EU’s major powers to salvaging nuclear deal starting to look rather feeble.