Czech Republic

EU states split on Commission mandate for Nord Stream 2

Tim Gosling in Prague June 27, 2017

Thirteen of the 28 EU member states have given their backing to a request from the European Commission for a mandate to negotiate with Russia over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project.

ALACO DISPATCHES: Russian pipeline dispute escalates as US enters the fray

Yigal Chazan of Alaco June 26, 2017

American sanctions threat fuels tensions surrounding Russia’s plans to expand gas supplies to Europe.

Czech PM-in-waiting jumps aboard populist wave as he breaks foreign policy silence

Tim Gosling in Prague June 26, 2017

The Czech Republic will not join the euro or the push for deeper EU integration, and will continue to resist migrant quotas, said Andrej Babis, who looks destined to become PM following elections in October.

Visegrad states react according to script to EU summit's calls for reform

bne IntelliNews June 26, 2017

While the Eurosceptic Poles and Hungarians were scathing of French President Macron’s efforts to kickstart reform of the bloc, the Czechs and Slovaks were more open minded.

A Pew poll finds conservative attitudes still rule in CEE

Ben Aris in Berlin June 22, 2017

A poll by Pew Research found that attitudes to both democracy and homosexuality remain very conservative in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), including among the young.

Bell says no deal done yet to sell Czechs 12 military helicopters

Nicholas Watson in Prague June 19, 2017

Contrary to the opinion of some Czech MPs, the government tender to buy 12 multi-role helicopters is not a done deal in favour of Bell Helicopter. In fact, politics could intrude with elections set for October 20-21.

VISEGRAD: The strange death of Social Democratic Czechia

Robert Anderson in Prague June 16, 2017

With the rapid decline of its last strong traditional party, it looks as if the country will join its neighbours in embracing populism and picking fights with Brussels.

Russia dominates CEE region in global university ranking

Nicholas Watson in Prague June 13, 2017

Emerging markets are starting to feature more prominently on the QS World University Rankings, with Russia's top five universities all advancing more than 10 places on the latest index.

Brussels launches action against Visegrad states over migrant quotas

Tim Gosling June 13, 2017

Growing in confidence that it has beaten the populist threat, the EU has launched infringement proceedings against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland over their refusal to take part in the EU’s migrant quota scheme.

EU seeks a hard power boost

Tim Gosling in Prague June 12, 2017

Officials insist enhanced EU defence co-operation should focus on terrorism and is not a reaction to the way President Trump has cast doubt over Nato guarantees.

Banking convergence returns to Central and Eastern Europe, says RBI

Robert Anderson in Prague June 9, 2017

The banking downturn is over, with profitability surging last year, according to the lender's annual CEE Banking Report.

FDI to Emerging Europe soars in 2016

bne IntelliNews June 8, 2017

Foreign investment booms in Russia, Czech Republic and Hungary, and the regional upward trend is expected to continue this year.

VISEGRAD: EU warning on migrant quotas raises the stakes

Tim Gosling in Prague June 8, 2017

The Visegrad Group of countries has shown defiance on migrant quotas, but now it faces an EU reinvigorated by the French election.

To have and have not again

Stephen Weeks in Prague June 7, 2017

Families who once owned Czech castles are still struggling to win restitution of their properties more than a quarter of a century after the collapse of communism.