Is Armenia facing a colour revolution? Popular protests on the rise in Emerging Europe

Ben Aris in Berlin April 22, 2018

Whether or not the detention of opposition leader Nikol Pashinian proves enough to lop the head off the Armenian demonstrations, analysts will note yet another example of how ready people are across Emerging Europe to take to the streets.

No surprises as Azerbaijan's Aliyev wins fourth presidential term with landslide

bne IntelliNews April 12, 2018

Victory marred by Freedom House report saying country’s authoritarianism is "more deeply entrenched than ever" but observers sense Baku no longer cares about such outside criticism.

Trolls and polls: Prior to election day Azerbaijani journalists complain of 'official' trolls

bne IntelliNews April 11, 2018

With President Aliyev all but certain to on April 11 win a landslide re-election, watchdog issues findings on methods it says are used by Baku to keep the lid on dissent.

CAUCASUS BLOG: Baku and Yerevan offer more bread and circuses

Carmen Valache in Berlin April 2, 2018

Political developments in sworn enemies Armenia and Azerbaijan will mirror each other this April as their veteran leaders maintain their grip on power.

MAPLECROFT RISK BRIEFING: Will convention on Caspian unlock oil and gas exploration scope?

Camilla Hagelund of Verisk Maplecroft March 16, 2018

It is plausible to think hydrocarbon resources might be opened up by a border deal between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan but the Iranians would have plenty to say about that.