Oil could jump to $250 a barrel if Iran closes Persian Gulf straights

bne IntelliNews staff in Tehran July 11, 2018

Crude oil prices could skyrocket towards $250 a barrel if Iran follows through on a threat to close the Straight of Hormuz on the edge of the Persian Gulf in retaliation to the US threat to blocks its oil exports, RT reported on July 11.

Kazakhstan approves new law on stricter controls over capital outflow from local banks

bne IntelliNews July 9, 2018

Last year’s revelations about the offshore ventures of Kazakh banking sector-affiliated oligarchs and speculation that capital flight might be behind a large share of Kazkommertsbank's bad loans appear to have pushed the government into action.

CEE monthly bond wrap: summer doldrums

Ben Aris in Berlin July 5, 2018

Bond markets in emerging Europe came to a stand still in June. Politics killed off almost all interest in issuing fresh paper: Turkey held crucial presidential elections where the outcome was far from clear and Russia was reeling from sanctions.

CEFC’s Romanian refinery deal finally collapses

Carmen Simion in Bucharest July 3, 2018

KMG says deal to sell 51% in Romanian arm to troubled CEFC will not be completed.

Senate speaker suggests Kazakhstan’s Nazarbayev won’t run in 2020 election

Nizom Khodjayev in Almaty June 22, 2018

“Leader of the Nation”, in power for nearly three decades and set to turn 78, could be nearing the finishing line.