ISTANBUL BLOG: Commerzbank ignites quarrel claiming Turkey’s official growth figures are “more than questionable”

Will Conroy in Prague September 13, 2017

Ankara’s GDP, investment and tourism data do not stand up to scrutiny says German lender in scathing report concluding the reported Turkish “economic miracle” may even be a politically influenced mirage.

KRUK REPORT: All the borders have been crossed

Kateryna Kruk in Kyiv September 11, 2017

When irresponsible politicians play with rules instead of following them, the one who ends up paying is the country itself. Before September 10, I thought Poroshenko was smarter and Saakashvili was less self-centered.

ALACO DISPATCHES: Croatian tourist boom belies tensions

Yigal Chazan of Alaco September 6, 2017

Croatia is set to enjoy another record-breaking season but the impressive growth of the sector is not without its problems. Some popular Croatian resorts have suffered from overexposure, while the industry is also experiencing a labour shortage.

COMMENT: Central European stock markets still look good, while Russia's is improving

Peter Szopo of Erste Asset Management August 22, 2017

2017, so far, has been the best year for Central European equities since 2012, while the Russian index has been the worst performing major stock market.

COMMENT: How will the new US sanctions affect Russia’s economy?

Oleksandr Valchyshen in Kyiv August 18, 2017

The success of the sanctions will depend on whether Russia succeeds in transforming its economy.