COMMENT: QE is dead and that is bad news for EM bonds

head of emerging markets at Cbonds in Moscow April 20, 2018

Last year was one of the most successful for international bond investors in many years, but that that is starting to change as the end of QE is already apparent and political risks are rising for issuers like Russia.

COMMENT: Does Germany hold the key for Albania’s accession to the EU?

bne IntelliNews April 10, 2018

The European Commission's new progress reports for the six Western Balkan countries, including Albania, are expected next week. Crucially, they will evaluate performance against delivery of the required reforms as part of the EU accession process

COMMENT: Whisper it – ‘Erdonomics’ could be driving Turkey to a meltdown

Will Conroy in Prague April 9, 2018

Analysts at a loss as to what to expect next as lira slides to new low with Turkey’s Erdogan standing defiant before markets crying out for tightening.

COMMENT: Guest-workers won’t solve CEE labour shortage woes

Richard Grieveson of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies March 29, 2018

Central Europe is facing a growing labour shortage crisis that could limit growth if solutions are not found. Ukraine has already been a big winner but cannot solve the problem by itsself.