MACRO ADVISER: Russia's Asian pivot starts to pay off

Chris Weafer of Macro-Advisory June 19, 2017

Chinese investment links to Russia are rising and broadening, and Moscow is now able to win better terms than before.

KRUK REPORT: New language laws are not the next Ukrainian powder keg

Kateryna Kruk in Kyiv June 19, 2017

Western commentators rush in too fast with Kremlin's take on the language issue, says columnist Kateryna Kruk.

BEAR MARKET BRIEF: Can IT revive Russia’s economy?

Aaron Schwartzbaum in Washington DC June 19, 2017

Russian government plans remain vague and still obsessed with security, while the sector lacks seed finance.

STOLYPIN: Life after Putin becomes debatable

Mark Galeotti of the Institute of International Relations Prague June 12, 2017

Feverish speculation over Dmitri Medvedev's successor reflects a feeling that President Vladimir Putin is running out of steam, that he has no new ideas, and diminishing enthusiasm for the job.

COMMENT: Kosovo’s guns versus its roses

Alex Young in Belgrade June 7, 2017

The parties of the Kosovo Liberation Army old guard will face those who once advocated peaceful resistance against Serbia in Kosovo's June 11 election.

COMMENT: Can Romania become Europe's energy security hub in shared partnership with China and the West?

Alexey Golovin of KMG International May 29, 2017

Given its great asset base, Romania has the potential to become a Black Sea energy hub and a bridge between East and West.

ALACO DISPATCHES: Re-empowered Rouhani still faces struggle to woo investors

Tom Laub of Alaco May 26, 2017

Though Iran’s reformist leader secured an emphatic re-election victory, the country’s investment prospects remain bleak.

COMMENT: Making Ukrainian energy independence a reality

Alan Apter May 25, 2017

The independence of Ukraine’s energy market remains of fundamental importance to the country’s stability and prosperity.

COMMENT: Rebuilding trust in Ukraine’s financial system

Yakiv Smolii of the National Bank of Ukraine May 25, 2017

From breaking the grip of the oligarchs to curbing inflation, acting governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, Yakiiv Smolii, sees landmark progress since the Euromaidan revolution.