INTERVIEW: Kosovo’s Thaci says nothing will undermine relations with EU, US and Nato

Andrew MacDowall in Pristina February 16, 2018

As Kosovo continues its quest for full international recognition, the president of Europe's youngest country says there is “no price” on relations with its western allies — despite a recent rift over attempts to scrap a new war crimes court.

The Turkmen gas pipeline to Europe that will never be

Kanat Shaku in Almaty February 15, 2018

The trans-Caspian gas pipeline would allow European countries to cut their dependence on Russian gas, but with the legal status of the Caspian sea still unresolved the chances of it ever being built are very slim.

Mirziyoyev’s dash for reform

Filip Brokes in St Petersburg February 11, 2018

Islam Karimov’s successor seemed to hardly pause for breath in his first year as Uzbekistan’s president, delivering effective economic reforms and swiftly purging officials who might stand in his way.

Russia's sports establishment remains too hard a nut to crack

Carmen Valache in Berlin February 6, 2018

Despite proof of an industrial-scale doping campaign, as shown in the "Icarus" documentary, Russia will still compete at the Winter Olympics as if it did nothing wrong.

INTERVIEW: Fintech as a solution to the world’s biggest crisis

Clare Nuttall in Bucharest February 6, 2018

Entrepreneur, angel investor and Dragons Den star Baybars Altuntaş talks to bne IntelliNews about how mobile and financial technologies can be harnessed to help refugees build new lives and launch successful businesses.

INTERVIEW: IBS at the heart of Russia’s digital transformation

Ben Aris in Moscow February 5, 2018

IBS is focused exclusively on the domestic IT market and is known as the 'Russian SAP'. With the Kremlin pushing hard to create a digital economy, IBS is playing a central role in this, says Svetlana Balanova, IBS' CEO.

Russia's fishy business

Ben Aris in Moscow February 5, 2018

With only three harvests under its belt, Russian Aquaculture is already the largest player in the Russian fish business, with a 22% market share.

INTERVIEW: Tinkoff Bank builds a virtual lifestyle bank

Ben Aris in Moscow February 2, 2018

Tinkoff Bank is the new kid on Russia’s banking block, its biggest purely online bank. Its idea is to focus on allowing the customer to spend money easily.

VOX: The pipeline of Russian IPOs and SPOs for 2018 is filling up

Ben Aris in Moscow January 26, 2018

Russia’s equity market is coming back to life as the economy recovers and investors hunt high yielding growth stories. Brokerage BCS is bullish about the IPO outlook for 2018.

INTERVIEW: CEE embraces the digital transformation

Ben Aris in Berlin January 26, 2018

The world is going through a digital transformation that could be as significant as the advent of the Internet and IBM is playing an active role in that change in CEE.

A dearth of retail developments are fuelling a recovery in Moscow's commercial real estate segment

Ben Aris in Berlin January 26, 2018

A dearth of retail developments lead vacancy rates in Moscow to hit 6.2% in 2017, as investors start to build stores again after a two year hiatus, reports JJL.

Russia Inc goes into profit as the budget breakeven price for oil falls to $53

Ben Aris in Moscow January 26, 2018

Russia Inc has gone back into profit. Cost cutting and a crackdown on the wasteful spending caused by corruption has reduced the price of Urals blend oil needed for the federal budget to breakeven to $53

Russian investors flock into German real estate

bne IntelliNews January 22, 2018

Wealthy Russians are ploughing money into the German real estate sector, mostly picking housing and commercial projects in the range of €1-7mn