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MOSCOW BLOG: OPEC hints at more production cuts as Russia deepens ties in Middle East

October 20, 2017

The success of the production deal in pushing up prices is partly due to Russia’s agreement to participate, while for Moscow it has brought potentially transformational political benefits in terms of influence in the region.

MOSCOW BLOG: Russia’s import substitution has not been a great success

October 13, 2017

The biggest winner was the agricultural sector, which was about to be opened to stiff competition from Europe following Russia’s accession to the WTO. But while pig farmers benefitted from the move, machinery imports from the west have increased.

MOSCOW BLOG: This is as good as it gets

October 11, 2017

This is as good as it gets. That was the conclusion of Fitch's Global Economic Outlook for September 2017, which revealed that the global economy is in a bit of a sweet spot amid strong bounce-back growth as the 2008 crisis fades at last.

MOSCOW BLOG: Russia’s economy would be growing a lot faster today if it hadn’t spent so much money on rearming

October 8, 2017

Former finance minister and co-head of the presidential council Alexei Kudrin outlines exactly how much Putin has sacrificed to win his geopolitical game in a controversial new paper.

MOSCOW BLOG: Russia’s economy, finance ministries diverge on economic outlook

September 29, 2017

Economy Minister Maxim Oreshkin announces results that support an increase in state spending to boost growth, in contrast to the finance ministry’s more prudent projections.