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Happy 12th birthday bne

October 18, 2018

bne keeps soldiering on as we believe the transition of emerging European countries into normal democracies with functioning markets is one of the most exciting stories on the planet.

MOSCOW BLOG: Capital flight figures to make your eyes water

September 22, 2018

Looking over Russia’s capital flight data, you could be driven to tears. Since 1994, when the Central Bank of Russia started publishing the data, a total of $581bn has left Russia as private sector outflows.

MOSCOW BLOG: Russia’s 1998 crisis redux

August 20, 2018

Twenty years ago, the 1998 collapse of the ruble and ensuing financial crisis proved to be a pivotal moment in Russia's modern history.

MOSCOW BLOG: Turkey's crisis a golden opportunity for the Kremlin

August 13, 2018

Turkey finds itself in tremendous economic peril and Donald Trump’s actions only serve to aggravate the situation. The Kremlin may sense a shot at breaking up Nato. And analysts even see the possible emergence of an anti-US “axis of the sanctioned”.

MOSCOW BLOG: US declares economic war on Russia

August 12, 2018

“The US has declared economic war on Russia,” Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in remarks that set the stage for a real military clash between the two countries.