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MOSCOW BLOG: Businesses threaten to boycott the St Petersburg investment summit as Michael Calvey does his first month in jail

March 14, 2019

US citizen and arguably Russia’s most successful fund manager Michael Calvey was arrested on Valentine’s Day and is still sitting in jail despite a public outcry by fellow financiers and a raft of leading Russian liberal politicians.

MOSCOW BLOG: will Russia's infrastructure spending cause a boom?

March 12, 2019

The Kremlin is launching into a six-year long $400bn spending bonanza that is intended to transform the economy. It's a lot of money and if the money is well spent it could cause a boom.

MOSCOW BLOG: Putin backs the FSB in the Calvey case because he needs to

February 26, 2019

Putin is in a trap of his own making. Ignoring calls to let a US fund manager out of a Russian jail, he came out in support of the FSB last week. Choosing between Russia's international image and his domestic agenda, Putin always goes for the latter.

MOSCOW BLOG: Is the arrest of US fund manager Michael Calvey a litmus test for Russia?

February 16, 2019

How much damage will the February 14 arrest of US fund manager Michael Calvey on “large-scale embezzlement” charges do to Russia's investment case?

MOSCOW BLOG: US threatens new round of sanctions but Russia is ready

February 14, 2019

Sanctions are back. There were four rounds of sanctions in 2018 that clearly did a lot of damage to Russia’s business and investment case, but ultimately they failed to produce their advertised goal: force the Kremlin to change its aggressive ways.