United Russia is likely to maintain less confident majority in parliament.

By bne IntelliNews December 2, 2011
In the coming parliamentary elections to the parliament (State Duma) that are going to be held on Dec 3, the ruling United Russia party is likely to maintain the majority, although the number of seats is likely to decline by about 10%. According to the latest poll published by Levada Center, United Russia is going to get 253 seats, Communist Party 94 seats, nationalist LDPR 59 seats and Just Russia 44 seats. While the less confident majority of United Russia could be problematic in terms of passing certain legislation and especially constitutional amendments, the dominance of PM Vladimir Putin-led party on the Russian political field is more than certain to remain unchallenged, with LDPR and Communists for years remaining a "pet" opposition and Just Russia being a party loyal to PM Putin. The coming parliamentary elections are also to be seen as preparations to the Marchs' presidential elections, with PM Putin being the main candidate for what could be his third presidential term since 2000, securing possibly another 2 terms. Another survey performed by Levada Center pollster shows that majority of Russian residents see coming December's parliamentary elections as not fair, with 48% of respondents labeling the election as struggle of bureaucratic clans for access to the budget and only 28% seeing the elections as a legitimate institution. 47% of the residents believes that CentrIzbirKom (Central Election Committee) is serving the interests of the ruling United Russia party led by PM Vladimir Putin, while about 45% expect falsifications of the elections on regional and federal levels. PM Putin is seen as directly promoting the United Russia by 80% of the respondents. As far as the presidential elections coming in March is concerned, only 30.7% of the respondents were ready to vote for PM Vladimir Putin in his third non-consecutive presidential term. 80% of the surveyed said that their opinion of the "ruling tandem" of PM Vladimir Putin and president Dmitry Medvedev did not change since the recent announcement of switch-around (Putin's nomination as a presidential candidate and Medvedev heading the United Russia and possibly heading the new government).

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