United Russia gets less than 50% in federal elections.

By bne IntelliNews December 6, 2011
In the federal parliamentary elections ruling party United Russia got less than 50% of the votes. As reported by CentrIzbirKom election committee based on 96% of the votes processed, United Russia got 49.54% of the votes, Communists 19.16% of the votes, Just Russia 13.2% of the votes and Liberal Democrats (LDPR) 11.66% of the votes. Voters' turnout was at about 60%. United Russia is going to get 238 seats in State Duma, which is going to be a 64-seat decrease and not enough to pass constitutional legislation that requires a 300-vote majority. At the same time positions of Untied Russia in the regional governments also weakened considerably, with majority lost in most of the regions. Notably, opposition party Yabloko passed a 7% barrier in three regions. While the influence of United Russia is going to remain overwhelming, with no viable opposition in the parliament and a likely coalition with loyal Just Russia guaranteeing the 302-vote majority, the results of the election are a clear signal to the ruling party that is single handily ruling Russia since PM Vladimir Putin's rise to power in 2000. PM Putin under the umbrella of the party is running in March's presidential elections and according to the polls the voters are increasingly sceptic of both the Putin's candidature and the election itself. Also the Western press is seeing the decline of votes from 64.3% to less than 50% for United Russia as a sign of voters' fatigue of Untied Russia and Vladimir Putin, even given the conditions of lack of political opponents and alternatives.

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