Turkmenistan launches sock factory to substitute imports

By bne IntelliNews February 15, 2016

Turkmen state-owned textile company Dokmakhyzmat has launched a sock production factory with an annual capacity of 2.5mn pairs of socks under the country’s import substitution programme, news website Turkmenistan.ru reported on February 14.

As a country primarily relying on exports of gas, Turkmenistan uses the textile industry, along with the cotton industry, to generate employment in the country, making textile industry development along with its branching sectors one of the priorities of the government’s programme for socioeconomic development of the country for 2012-2016. The country’s import substitution programme can be seen as part of the government’s ongoing efforts to uphold economic self-sufficiency.

The prices of Turkmen-made socks will be 50% cheaper than prices of imported socks in the country, according to the report.

During the Soviet Union, the country’s agriculture was almost entirely focused on cotton. The country ranked second after Uzbekistan in cotton production in the former Soviet Union. However, cotton production went on a relative decline after the fall of the Soviet Union, as the country had to replace cotton fields with wheat in order to achieve greater self-sufficiency in food products.

Turkmenistan's population stands at 6.2mn people, according to government figures.

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