Turkish central bank reports $15mn slight outflow from government debt securities

By bne IntelliNews May 7, 2015

There was an outflow of $15mn from government domestic debt securities in the week to April 30 that came on top of a total $1.21bn outflow from debt instruments in the previous three weeks, data of the central bank showed on May 7. The market value of non-residents’ holdings of government debt securities was $41.74bn as of April 30, said the central bank.

The Turkish equity market, on the contrary, saw an inflow of $316mn in the week to April 30 after the bank reported a total of $491mn inflows in the prior two weeks. The central bank calculated the market value of foreign investors’ holdings of Turkish equities at $53.73bn as of April 30.

Last month, the Institute of International Finance (IIF) reported that portfolio flows to emerging markets picked up to $35bn in April, marking the strongest inflows since June 2014. Brazil, Indonesia and India were the top 3 performers this year while Turkey, Thailand and Hungary were the bottom three performers, said the IIF.

(Market Value) 30/04/15 24/04/15 17/04/15 10/04/15 03/04/15 27/03/15 20/03/15 13/03/15
         EQUITY  53,727.9 52,769.9 51,136.0 53,081.9 52,945.9 52,035.4 49,839.8 49,807.2
         GDDS  (*) 41,739.5 41,736.9 41,997.1 45,005.7 45,284.8 45,054.5 44,315.1 44,434.5
            Repo 9,169.3 9,432.1 10,023.2 10,433.7 10,756.5 10,617.2 10,316.8 10,344.1
NET TRANSACTONS (Adjusted for Foreign Exchange and Market Price Effects)
         EQUITY 316.0 293.7 196.9 -112.2 -106.9 201.3 102.7 -539.0
         GDDS (*) -14.7 -292.1 -719.7 -201.5 175.4 1,052.5 -137.2 -31.0
             Repo -282.4 -604.9 86.1 -304.0 133.8 354.3 -11.7 -71.8
source: tcmb                

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