Support for all major Bulgarian parties erodes in July - Gallup poll

By bne IntelliNews July 11, 2013

If elections were held today, the former ruling party, CEDB, would get 17.8% of the vote compared to 18.4% in June and 24% in May, according to the latest poll by Gallup International, Focus news reported. Although CEDB won the majority of the vote in the May snap election, it decided not to form a cabinet and to remain in opposition. It has been boycotting the parliament ever since the new government stepped in, virtually allowing the parliament to pass bills without an opposition.

The poll showed that the support for the current senior ruling partner BSP, which scored second in the May election, is also falling after a series of appointment scandals in mid-June that were followed by close to four weeks of street protests in the capital city of Sofia and demands for government resignation. The socialist party, which stepped into office in the beginning of June, had a support rate of 21.6% in July - down by 1.9 pps m/m and 2 pps compared to May.

Ethnic Turkish party MRF, junior partner in the ruling coalition, had 6.7% of the vote in July, down from 7.6% in June and 7.1% in May.

Support for the fourth parliamentary represented party, radical Ataka, dropped from 3.6% in May to only 1.8% in the current month. The poll results confirmed that after Ataka gave its passive support for the government, some of the nationalist vote has transferred to a younger party on the far-right – National Front for Salvation of Bulgaria (NFSB). NFSB already has a 2.4% support rate, up from 1.3% in June and is very likely that it will represent Ataka’s electorate in a future parliament.

The centre-right voters pulling away from CEDB have not recognised Meglena Kuneva’s Movement Bulgaria for the Citizens (BFC) as the party scored a 1.1 pps monthly drop to 2.6%. The newly established coalition called Reformist Block, comprising the greens, BFC and the older parties on the right, will try to attract centre-right voters in the following months but is still not present in the polls.

The poll was conducted between June 27th and July 4th 2013, among 1013 participants.

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