Southeast Europe / Opinion

CONFERENCE CALL: Romania, Bulgaria push back against multi-speed Europe

Clare Nuttall in Bucharest October 10, 2017

Bucharest and Sofia aim to use EU presidencies to argue against core vs periphery proposals that could sideline eastern member states and to call for a greater focus on unity.

OPINION: Can Romania and Bulgaria tame corruption?

Henry Stanek in Paris October 4, 2017

Facing down allegations of rampant corruption tearing apart at the seams of his country, Bulgarian President Ruman Radev is pressing for radical action from the top down and has drafted a new anti-corruption law he calls a "scalpel" for the gangrene.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Trump and Erdogan pal up

Will Conroy in Prague September 26, 2017

The demagogues’ relationship got off to a rocky start before it finally seemed to take off in New York last week — but might the small matter of Turkey’s purchase of Moscow’s missile defence system soon sour the affinity?

ALACO DISPATCHES: Turkey risks blowback with Kurdistan sanctions

Yigal Chazan of Alaco September 26, 2017

Ankara's rigid position on the Kurdish referendum risks harming its own financial and security interests in the region, and could undermine relations with Russia.

OPINION: Austrian policy towards CEE is likely to change in tone but not substance

Marcus How of ViennEast September 25, 2017

If the Freedom Party enters government after the election, convergence with populists in the Visegrad Group may increase, but the big parties will prevent any major shift.