Southeast Europe / Opinion

FILM REVIEW: Personal and political merge in "The Other Side of Everything"

Vadim Dumesh in Paris June 14, 2018

The extraordinary and engaging character of Professor Srbijanka Turajlic is at the epicentre of Serbia’s turbulent recent history in this subtle documentary.

COMMENT: National interests undermine dreams of unified EU energy policy

Christopher Stakhovsky in Paris June 7, 2018

Bulgaria has become a poster child for the limits of Europe’s capacity to integrate new members, especially when it comes to the European Commission’s energy priorities.

COMMENT: Remittances bring large benefits and dire consequences

Alex M. Tanase in London May 21, 2018

Countries like Romania and Moldova need to act now to entice back migrants and encourage the use of remittances for investment rather than consumption.

COMMENT: CEE should be worried about the next EU budget

Richard Grieveson of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies May 17, 2018

The EU budget has had a positive impact on economic growth and helped to improve the quality of infrastructure in poorer parts of the bloc, not least in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). However, the budget is about to be cut.

COMMENT: EU conference in Sofia highlights the Balkans’ looming energy crisis

Henry Stanek in Brussels May 14, 2018

European Union member states gather in Sofia, Bulgaria, for the EU-Western Balkans summit this week, and need to address the precarious state of energy security in the Balkans. Is nuclear power the answer?