Southeast Europe / Opinion

COMMENT: Gazprom’s exit from Turkey is a sign of the times

GPW Political Risk July 13, 2017

Foreign investors in Turkey worry that politics is increasingly affecting the business climate.

COMMENT: Trying times for the WTO in Hamburg

Iana Dreyer of Borderlex July 10, 2017

Diplomats at the G20 summit in Hamburg managed to cobble together a compromise text promising not to resort to trade protectionism, but whether this will eliminate the threat of trade wars remains to be seen.

COMMENT: Is Moldova’s new election system a threat to democracy?

Dumitru Alaiba of the Policy and Reform Center and Natalia Otel Belan of the Center for International Private Enterprise June 26, 2017

Electoral reforms ahead of Moldova's 2018 general election appear to be an attempt at gerrymandering and will contribute to the country's slide into authoritarianism.

COMMENT: Kosovo’s guns versus its roses

Alex Young in Belgrade June 7, 2017

The parties of the Kosovo Liberation Army old guard will face those who once advocated peaceful resistance against Serbia in Kosovo's June 11 election.

COMMENT: Can Romania become Europe's energy security hub in shared partnership with China and the West?

Alexey Golovin of KMG International May 29, 2017

Given its great asset base, Romania has the potential to become a Black Sea energy hub and a bridge between East and West.