Slovenia attracts largest European Investment Bank (EIB) investment per capita in 2015

By bne IntelliNews January 15, 2016

Slovenia attracted the largest European Investment Bank (EIB) investment per inhabitant in 2015. The bank lent €798mn to the country, amounting to a total investment value of €4.4bn, or €2,125 per person, EIB announced on January 14.

Slovenia's figure is significantly above the EU average of €408, with the lowest per capita investment value supported by EIB recorded in Bulgaria, with a modest €19 per person.

Slovenia was second when it came to total EIB investment exposure as a share of GDP, with EIB’s exposure in terms of Slovenia's GDP at 11.7% in 2015. First on the list was Cyprus, where EIB’s exposure was 15.3%.

The EU average stood at 3.5% in 2015, the report shows.

"The EIB Group does not operate under any geographical quotas, but lending focuses on countries where targeted investment is most needed… Accordingly, the bank's exposure in some of the most vulnerable EU countries such as Cyprus, Slovenia, Portugal, Hungary, Poland and Greece is over 9% of GDP," EIB said in a press release.

EIB announced on January 14 record lending in 2015, totaling €84.5bn. This included record support for investment by SMEs and unprecedented lending for innovation and climate related projects.

EIB operates globally. In 2015, it provided €7.8bn of lending outside Europe. The EU Enlargement and EFTA countries represented the largest beneficiary region outside the EU, with loans totalling €2.7bn.

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