Skijalista Srbije considers buying stake in Bosnia’s Jahorina ski resort

Skijalista Srbije considers buying stake in Bosnia’s Jahorina ski resort
By bne IntelliNews March 31, 2016

The management of Serbia's state-owned skiing infrastructure maintenance company Skijalista Srbije is considering buying part of Republika Srpska’s stake in Bosnian ski resort Olympic Center Jahorina. Republika Srpska minister of trade and tourism Predrag Gluhakovic has presented the company with a proposal and a model of eventual cooperation on March 30, Skijalista Srbije announced.

Acquisition of the Jahorina Olympic Center by the Serbian company is seen as a good long-term solution for the Bosnian ski resort, which has been facing financial difficulties.

Gluhakovic said the March 30 meeting was just one step towards to further negotiations.

“We presented today (on March 30) possible methods which could be taken for the project realisation. The next step is to inform the governments of Serbia and Republika Srpska of the outcomes of the current negotiations so we can reach a mutually beneficial solution,” Gluhakovic said, adding that a joint regional project of this kind would increase the number of tourists significantly.

According to acting director of Skijalista Srbije Dejan Ljevnaic even though a regional approach and future regional connections are strategically important, the next steps related to the takeover of ski resort Olympic Center Jahorina by Skijalista Srbije are subject to deals between the two governments.

The two ski resorts have excellent cooperation already as sky pass tickets from Jahorina are valid in Serbia and vice versus, director of Olympic Center Jahorina Velibor Lazarevic underlined.

However, the Serbian company did not say how large a stake Skijalista Srbije might acquire or when the governments might meet for further discussions on the topic.

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