Albania Country Report - August, 2016

September 12, 2016

This report covers the key macroeconomic and financial releases as well as the political events from Albania for the period of August 13, 2016 – September 12, 2016.
Albania vulnerable to corruption amid lack of independent monitoring institutions
IMF to disburse €35.9mn to Albania under EFF
Albania ready to ask for launch of EU accession talks
Parliament in Tirana adopts first crucial justice reform law
Montenegro, Albania and Croatia sign MoU on Ionian-Adriatic gas project
Bankers Petroleum's crude deal to revive Albanian oil refining sector
Audit find in favour of Bankers Petroleum in tax dispute with Albanian government
Key points:
• Inflation speeds slightly to 2% in August
• Albania continues posting budget surplus through July
• Albania’s 7-mo trade gap widens 19.7% y/y
• NPL ratio back up to mid-2015 level
• Public debt rises at end-June
• Jobless rate falls to 15.5% in Q2

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