Kyrgyzstan to construct nine logistics centres

By bne IntelliNews April 11, 2016

Kyrgyz authorities are planning to construct two international logistics centres as well as seven “regional” logistics centres, news agency Tazabek reported on April 8, citing Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Melioration Erkinbek Choduyev.

Kyrgyz farmers have troubles selling off most of agricultural products produced in the country. Only 10% of Kyrgyz apples are currently exported annually. As a result, the country does not fully meet its potential for exporting agricultural products - the construction of logistics centres would help the country better manage the storage and transportation of agricultural products, boosting the country’s exports.

The construction of the new logistics centres will possibly be financed by the United Arab Emirates or Qatar, according to Tazabek’s report. The country currently runs only a single logistics centre for agricultural products, Choduyev was cited as saying.

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