Eurasia / Opinion

MAPLECROFT RISK BRIEFING: Will convention on Caspian unlock oil and gas exploration scope?

Camilla Hagelund of Verisk Maplecroft March 16, 2018

It is plausible to think hydrocarbon resources might be opened up by a border deal between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan but the Iranians would have plenty to say about that.

COMMENT: The jury is out on Uzbekistan's lure as the next investors' darling

Tomas Motl of OG Research March 15, 2018

The chances currently look slim that Uzbekistan will offer a hefty payout on an early investment.

COMMENT: Iran's one hand unbound in the South Caucasus

Emil Avdaliani in Tbilisi March 5, 2018

In the two years since Tehran was relieved of the crippling nuclear sanctions, the Iranians have looked for economic progress to their northwest. Russia, however, ensures Iran won’t find both hands free in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.

COMMENT: The Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan trilateral

Emil Avdaliani in Tbilisi February 22, 2018

You have to look hard for a successful and enduring politico-economic alliance in the former Soviet space, but one cooperation—between Ankara, Tbilisi and Baku—is proving an exception to the rule, partly by not treading on Russia’s toes militarily.

COLCHIS: The Saakashvili we wanted, the Saakashvili we had

Michael Cecire of New America February 15, 2018

Why do so many Western politicians and key segments of the international commentariat lavish such praise and attention on someone with such a chequered record?