Eurasia / Opinion

ALACO DISPATCHES: Fossil fuel giant Iran champions green energy

Yigal Chazan of Alaco November 7, 2017

In an effort to meet rising energy demand and cut alarming levels of pollution, Iran is courting European renewables investors.

ALACO DISPATCHES: Turkey risks blowback with Kurdistan sanctions

Yigal Chazan of Alaco September 26, 2017

Ankara's rigid position on the Kurdish referendum risks harming its own financial and security interests in the region, and could undermine relations with Russia.

KRUK REPORT: All the borders have been crossed

Kateryna Kruk in Kyiv September 11, 2017

When irresponsible politicians play with rules instead of following them, the one who ends up paying is the country itself. Before September 10, I thought Poroshenko was smarter and Saakashvili was less self-centered.

BOOK REVIEW: The international reach of Central Asia’s autocratic elites

Clare Nuttall in Bucharest July 25, 2017

Dictators without Borders combats the myth of Central Asia as a deeply traditional region isolated from international financial and legal systems.

CHINA RISING: Beijing stirs up Russia’s backyard

Kanat Shaku in Almaty July 11, 2017

Central Asian states are looking to balance Moscow and Beijing, rather than switch masters.