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ALACO DISPATCHES: Stability in Iraq undermined by US sanctions attack on Iran

Yigal Chazan of Alaco October 17, 2018

Unless they can negotiate exemptions, the Iraqis are likely to suffer collateral damage.

ALACO DISPATCHES: Could China scupper Trump’s bid to bring Iran to heel?

Yigal Chazan of Alaco September 25, 2018

Beijing’s imports of Iranian oil may take the sting out of America’s re-imposition of sanctions.

OPINION: Democracy and the rule of law in Armenia — what President Macron should discuss with Prime Minister Pashinian

Michael Burrell of the European Centre for Public Affairs September 13, 2018

This summer’s transfer of power raised hopes that Armenia could be set on a new and more hopeful path, but those hopes risk being dashed.

COLCHIS: Georgia’s security conundrum

Michael Cecire of New America August 28, 2018

The decennial of the Georgia-Russia war is a potent reminder of the tragic repercussions of the conflict, the seeming intractability of Western-Russia relations, and the uncomfortable limitations of Euro-Atlantic security architecture.

A new broom in Tbilisi, but the same old problems with Russia

Emil Avdaliani in Tbilisi July 9, 2018

Georgia has a new government headed by Mamuka Bakhtadze. How could this impact Georgian-Russian relations in the light of the recent agreement on economic corridors through Georgia’s breakaway territories and the rising level of trade?