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Clearstream to hook Ukraine and Kazakhstan up to international markets

Ben Aris in London April 24, 2018

When Russia hooked its capital markets into the global financial system in 2012 it caused a revolution. Billions of dollars poured into the local government bond market. Now Kazakhstan and Ukraine want to join the party.

Uzbekistan plans to join $10bn Turkmenistan-led TAPI gas pipeline project

Kanat Shaku in Almaty April 24, 2018

Turkmenistan has committed to covering 85% of the project’s costs and Uzbekistan’s support would bring some welcome relief given Ashgabat’s current financial woes.

LONG READ: Putin’s overwhelming election victory in Abkhazia

Filip Brokes in Sukhumi April 11, 2018

On March 18, 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin won re-election for his fourth non-consecutive term in office with 77% of the vote. In the disputed Soviet Riviera of Abkhazia we won 94% as the locals pine for their faded days of glory

The Turkmen gas pipeline to Europe that will never be

Kanat Shaku in Almaty February 15, 2018

The trans-Caspian gas pipeline would allow European countries to cut their dependence on Russian gas, but with the legal status of the Caspian sea still unresolved the chances of it ever being built are very slim.

Mirziyoyev’s dash for reform

Filip Brokes in St Petersburg February 11, 2018

Islam Karimov’s successor seemed to hardly pause for breath in his first year as Uzbekistan’s president, delivering effective economic reforms and swiftly purging officials who might stand in his way.