EU demand keeps Slovenian industrial production on upward trend

EU demand keeps Slovenian industrial production on upward trend
By Ivana Jovanovic in Belgrade August 11, 2016

Slovenia’s industrial production increased by 6.1% in June against June 2015 as well as by 0.5% against May, Slovenian Statistical Office announced on August 10.

In the sixth month of the year, industrial production in Slovenia maintained its positive trend in annual terms, present since the beginning of 2016 and in the whole of 2015. The country's foreign trade also increased due stronger demand for Slovenian products both within and outside the EU.

Slovenian industrial production improved in June against May thanks to the manufacturing segment, which expanded 0.5%. Meanwhile, gas and steam supply output dropped by 2.6% m/m and mining and quarrying by 0.9% m/m.

Slovenian industrial production in the first half of the year increased by 5.7% against the same period of last year. In manufacturing it increased by 7.2% while in mining and quarrying it decreased by 0.3% and in electricity, gas and steam supply by 6.3%.

The increase of exports and decrease of imports to non-EU countries in June were the biggest contributors to the positive external trade surplus recorded in the month, which was the largest so far this year. Meanwhile, Slovenia continued to generate the lion's share of external trade - 76.4% of total exports and 81.4% of total imports - with other EU countries.