Eastern Europe / Opinion

STOLYPIN: Russian security spending and the biggest threat to Russia

Mark Galeotti of the Institute for International Relations Prague November 25, 2016

The current projections for the 2017 budget suggests once again, as in Soviet times, Russia’s future is being mortgaged in the name of its military aspirations.

BEAR MARKET: Russia’s peripheral reform

Bear Market Brief November 21, 2016

Russia’s economy is doing better. Though not in the sense that growth rates are set to return to their 2000s highs of between 7-8%. To get back there the country needs to privatise state owned enterprises and make some deep structural changes.

COMMENT: Market power a risk for Ukraine’s electricity market reform

Georg Zachmann of the German Advisory Group November 18, 2016

Reforms will bring the Ukrainian power sector into line with EU regulations, ushering in modernisation of infrastructure and ultimately lower production costs – if the government can get the changes past the oligarchs.

COMMENT: Opec and the scope for meaningful intervention

Carole Nakhle of Crystol Energy November 18, 2016

For the first time since 2008, Opec has announced a coordinated production cut of approximately 0.5mn b/d, limiting its total output to 32.5mn-33mn b/d. But can Opec make the cut work?

STOLYPIN: The ‘Ulyukaev Affair’ and Russia’s hybrid market

Mark Galeotti of the Institute of International Relations Prague November 17, 2016

If Putinism is a hybrid democracy, an essentially authoritarian system behind a pseudo-democratic facade, then it is also increasingly becoming a hybrid market.

KRUK REPORT: What does Trump’s victory mean for Ukraine?

Kateryna Kruk in Kyiv November 10, 2016

If Trump really decides to cozy up to Russia and President Vladimir Putin, Ukraine could find itself as the ‘wedding present’ in this ‘marriage’.

MACRO ADVISOR: What does a Trump presidency mean for Russia?

Chris Weafer of Macro-Advisory November 9, 2016

The question that many in Russia and those who have, or are considering investing in Russia, are asking is, what does a Trump president actually mean for Russia risk?

BEAR WATCH: A pension to detail – Russia’s pension system and its challenges

Bear Market Brief November 8, 2016

Russia’s pension system: how it works, what challenges it faces, and what these challenges mean for Moscow and the country as a whole.

COLCHIS: Misha’s next adventure

Michael Cecire of New America November 8, 2016

What’s left for Saakashvili? With his options of first resort, such as a triumphant return to Georgia, no longer in the offing, Misha has chosen the last remaining road available to him: Ukrainian national politics.

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