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MAPLECROFT: Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov manoeuvres into position with oil tax reform

Daragh McDowell of Verisk Maplecroft June 18, 2018

In an early policy win for Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, Russia is preparing a major change in how it taxes oil. The second phase of the so-called “tax manoeuvre” will shift the tax burden entirely upstream and cut export duties to zero.

STOLYPIN: Putin builds a Presidential Administration fit for stagnation

By Mark Galeotti of the Institute of International Relations Prague June 14, 2018

What better time than the eve of the World Cup for Vladimir Putin to reshuffle his team? However, if his tweaks of the Presidential Administration are anything to go by, he no change in direction is needed. He'd better think again.

COMMENT: Russia’s oil giant Rosneft just crossed one of China’s red lines in Vietnam

Nicholas Trickett in London June 5, 2018

Russia’s largest oil company state-owned Rosneft started drilling at a natural gas at a field off of Vietnam’s coast and cross one of Beijing’s red lines in the process.

KRUK REPORT: The unbearable lightness of being alive

Kateryna Kruk in Kyiv May 31, 2018

At this point, there is no need to repeat details of the staged murder of Arkadiy Babchenko by Ukrainian Security Service (SBU). The news of his death crossed the world in the speed of light but the operations brought a lot of criticism too.

MACRO ADVISORY: Going Cold Turkey, Russia wants an end to OPEC production cuts

Chris Weafer of Macro-Advisory May 30, 2018

Moscow, rather than a US Presidential tweet, is the initiator of the expected revised Russia-OPEC production deal. The Kremlin has made it clear for some time that it is a lot less happy with high, and rising, oil prices of late.

COMMENT: Ukraine’s final call for the IMF programme

SP Advisors in Kyiv May 29, 2018

If Kyiv squanders this opportunity, it will have to muddle through to end-2019 without any material support from IFIs.