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Geothermal starts to glow in Southeast Europe

Clare Nuttall in Bucharest November 22, 2017

Turkey is an emerging geothermal superstar and countries across Eastern Europe are increasingly harnessing underground energy to provide cheap and eco-friendly local heating and energy.

Russia's regions ask the centre for financial help

Vladimir Kozlov in Moscow November 7, 2017

Against the backdrop of the Russian economy gradually coming out of recession and oil prices on the rise, the country's far-flung region have been feeling financial strain and are asking the centre for help.

Russia's highest dividend paying stocks for the next 12 months

Ben Aris in Berlin November 6, 2017

Russia’s summer dividend payout season is over so it's time for investors to look forward to the next one. High yielding dividend stocks have been consistent index outperformers nearly every year since 2014.

CEE monthly bond wrap – bonds off the boil in the CIS

Ben Aris in Berlin November 3, 2017

October was a disappointing month for bond issues in the CIS as the volumes of issues dropped off sharply from a stellar September, while the volumes in Central and Eastern Europe held their own

Can Eastern Europe top up the world’s wine glasses?

Clare Nuttall in Bucharest October 27, 2017

As bad weather in France and Italy caused world wine production to slump this year, sparking fears of future shortages, several countries in Eastern Europe have seen production rise.