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Belarus' new nuclear power plant will change the balance of energy in the Baltics

Ben Aris in Berlin October 12, 2018

Russia’s Atomstroyexport is close to completing Belarus’ controversial $11bn Astravets nuclear power plant that will change the energy security mix in the Baltic states.

VOX: Banking in a time of uncertainty — BCS GM diversifies out of Russia

Ben Aris in New York October 4, 2018

BCS Global Markets is a fast growing broker-dealer that has its origins in Russia, but has been diversifying into the UK and US. bne IntelliNews sits down with BCS GM’s CEO Roman Lokhov

Russian stocks in a time of uncertainty

Ben Aris in Moscow September 27, 2018

Russia's economy is recovering and the leading companies are paying record dividends, but the RTS index has been range bound for years as the politics of sanctions overshadow everything. bne talks to Roman Lokhov, CEO of BCS GM, on this and more.

Who's who in Ukraine's 2019 elections

Sergei Kuznetsov in Kyiv, Ben Aris in Berlin September 21, 2018

The election season has opened in Ukraine ahead of crucial parliamentary and presidential elections slated for next year and the field is wide open. Who is running and what do they stand for?

Sberbank launches Russia's first ETF

bne IntelliNews September 18, 2018

Exchange Traded Funds have sprung to prominence in the last decade and now make up the bulk of the equity investment into Russia’s shares.