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The share of Russians that want the government to resign rose to over half in December

Ben Aris in Berlin January 15, 2019

53% Russians said in December that they want the government to resign, up from 33% in November, according to the most recent poll by independent pollster the Levada Center.

The sale of new cars in Russia grew for the second year in a row in 2018

bne IntelliNews January 14, 2019

The Association of European Businesses expects growth to continue in 2019, albeit at a slower pace.

Belarus finishes 2018 with 5.6% inflation

bne IntelliNews January 11, 2019

Inflation in Belarus ended 2018 at the highest level all year at 5.6% y/y, and above 4.6% it was in December 2017, National Statistics Committee of Belarus told BelTA

Russian inflation in 2018 at 4.3% over the CBR’s target, but rate hike unlikely

bne IntelliNews January 10, 2019

Russia finished 2018 with inflation of 4.3% in excess of the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) 4% target rate, Rosstat reported on January 10, the central bank is unlikely to react to the price rises until its meeting in March.

Russo-Chinese trade turnover tops $100bn in 2018

bne IntelliNews January 10, 2019

The trade turnover between China and Russia set a new record high in 2018, and is now on the way to reaching the next target of $200bn by 2020.

Ukraine’s inflation falls to 9.8% y/y in 2018

bne IntelliNews January 10, 2019

Consumer price inflation in Ukraine slowed in the last month of 2018 to 9.8%, down from 10% in November, as the central bank's campaign to tackle price rises continues to meet with success.

Ukraine’s gross international reserves reach five-year high in 2018

bne IntelliNews January 9, 2019

Gross international reserves rose 10.6% y/y to $20.8bn in 2018 – the highest level since October 2013, the National Bank of Ukraine reported.

Russian inflation, growth to remain low in 2019 says World Bank

bne IntelliNews January 9, 2019

World Bank says that inflation will remain low this year and growth will be 1.5%, the same as in 2018, according to the multilateral’s January 2019 World Economic Outlook.

Russia’s ruble opened 2019 at three year low against the dollar

bne IntelliNews January 7, 2019

In 2018, the Russian currency lost 21.1% of its value against the dollar and 15.5% versus the euro.

One in seven workers in Eastern Europe report delayed paychecks

bne IntelliNews January 7, 2019

Part-time workers were disproportionately affected by pay delays, with 22% saying they had received late pay, compared to 14% of full-time workers.

Russia's PMI indices cool slightly in December but finish the year on a strong note

bne IntelliNews January 5, 2019

Russia’s economy slowed somewhat as the holiday season started, with the IHS Markit Russia manufacturing and services indices slowing in December from previously strong results in November but remaining above the 50 no-change mark.

Watcom shopping index catches up some lost ground in November

bne IntelliNews January 5, 2019

The index that measures footfall in Moscow’s biggest malls remains at a four-year low despite reaching its second highest level for 2018 in November.

Belarus central bank keeps key rate unchanged at 10%

bne IntelliNews December 20, 2018

Russia's banking sector profits reach four-year peak

bne IntelliNews December 18, 2018

Russia’s banking sector recovery is well underway with the sector earning more in the first eleven months of this year than it earned in the last three full years.

Russia's industrial output moderates in November, manufacturing slows down

bne IntelliNews December 18, 2018

Russia's industrial output moderated in November to 2.4% year-on-year growth from 3.7% y/y seen in October, Rosstat reported on December 18.

Belarusians' real disposable money income up 8.1% y/y in 10M18 as middle class expands

bne IntelliNews December 18, 2018

With more money in their pockets, a Belarusian middle class is emerging which is in turn driving strong growth in retail.

Belarus' GDP up 3.2% y/y in 11M18

bne IntelliNews December 18, 2018

According to the first assessment, the country's GDP in money terms totalled BNY111bn in January-November.