Central Europe / Opinion

COMMENT: Delinking the Baltic electricity grid from Russia on Brussels’ dime

Richard Smith in London September 28, 2018

In Soviet times Lithuania's electric grid was integrated with those of neighbouring SSRs Belarus, Russia, Estonia, and Latvia, but now the small republic plans to delink its power grid ending the BRELL agreements and throw in its lot with the EU

THEATRE REVIEW: Homo Novus theatre festival urges the public to listen to nature

Vadim Dumesh in Riga September 28, 2018

Contemporary theatre festival Homo Novus in Riga grapples with nature-culture puzzle of the Anthropocene.

VIENNEAST INSIGHT: How Central Europeans learned to stop worrying and love Russian gas

Marcus How and Adam Urosevic of ViennEast June 29, 2018

Despite an overall decline in the EU and Russia’s economic interdependence, Central European dependence has actually grown, a trend entirely shaped by material, rather than ideological, concerns.

ALACO DISPATCHES: Can Latvia clean up its troubled banking sector?

Yigal Chazan of Alaco June 13, 2018

US pressure prompts anti-money laundering measures but also exposes the limitations of European regulatory oversight.

COMMENT: CEE should be worried about the next EU budget

Richard Grieveson of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies May 17, 2018

The EU budget has had a positive impact on economic growth and helped to improve the quality of infrastructure in poorer parts of the bloc, not least in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). However, the budget is about to be cut.