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ALACO DISPATCHES: Russian pipeline dispute escalates as US enters the fray

Yigal Chazan of Alaco June 26, 2017

American sanctions threat fuels tensions surrounding Russia’s plans to expand gas supplies to Europe.

BOOK REVIEW: Peter Conradi asks pertinently, “Who Lost Russia?”

Nicholas Watson in Prague March 21, 2017

The writing is solid, embellished with great detail and research, giving some new information here, reminding of some forgotten nugget there, though it lacks any penetrating new insight or revelation.

COMMENT: The trillion dollar bill of US protectionism

Peter Szopo of Erste Asset Management March 21, 2017

Emerging market stocks have been hit harder than it appears by the election of President Donald Trump.

Czech President Zeman: not so much Moscow’s 'trojan horse' as a symptom of Western malaise

Mark Galeotti of the Institute of International Relations Prague March 10, 2017

Zeman, who will stand for re-election in 2018, is his own man, not just a Muscovite mouthpiece.

COMMENT: A Czech central banker’s nightmare scenario: Switzerland 2015

Peter Bukov of TopForex January 26, 2017

There are several reasons why the Swiss scenario will not play out in the Czech market when the central bank lifts the crown cap.