Bosnia’s Federation PPI drops 1.7% y/y in March 2014

By bne IntelliNews April 16, 2014

Bosnia’s Federation industrial producer price index (PPI) on the domestic market went down 1.7% y/y in March 2014, improving from a 1.9% y/y drop in February, mainly due to a smaller decline of manufacturing costs, the entity’s statistics office reported on April 15.

In monthly terms, the PPI edged down 0.4% in March after a 0.2% m/m drop in February.

Manufacturing producer price deflation narrowed to 2% y/y in March from 2.5% y/y the month before. The reading was dragged down by falling costs of basic metals, coke and refined petroleum products, food, chemicals and fabricated metal products. On the other hand, rising pharmaceuticals, textiles, wood, leather, beverages and electrical equipment producer charges pushed the index up.

Mining and quarrying prices fell for the seventh straight month in March, going down 0.9% y/y and following a 0.6% y/y contraction in February on falling coal and lignite and other mining and quarrying extraction charges.

Utilities prices declined 1.1% y/y in March after shrinking 1.0% y/y in February. Water supply and sewerage charges went down 4.7% y/y in March, deteriorating from a 1.9% y/y drop the month before.

The broader PPI, including export sales, fell 2.5% y/y in March after declining 3.3% y/y in February.

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