WoE BCS GM broker/dealer diversifying out of Russia with CEO Roman Lokhov

October 3, 2018

BCS Global Markets is the new kid on the block and a fast growing broker/dealer. Having founded a successful business in Russia it is now diversifying into western markets. It recently became the first Russian investment bank to get access to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and has a big

WoE: Ukraine and the IMF deal: can the country pay its debts? with Mykhaylo Demkiv of ICU

August 28, 2018

Ukraine is running out of money. It has over a $1bn of debt that comes due this autumn and the government has managed to scrap together enough to meet this payment thanks to dollar and euro Eurobond issues on the domestic market as well as a $750mn Eurobond private placement on August 23. Ho

WoE: Russians get the investment bug with Vyacheslav Smolyaninov chief strategist and deputy head of research at BCS Global Markets

June 21, 2018

Russia’s falling interest rates have fundamentally changed the way the average Russian thinks about their life savings. Following the years of hyperinflation during the 90s the interest rate sensitive Russians have traditionally sought out banks that pay the highest deposit rates in an effort to a

WoE: Living on the edge: Turkey & Ukraine faces crises

June 14, 2018

Turkey and Ukraine have been having a hard time of it this year and the worst maybe yet to come – both countries are facing potential crises. Turkey has been suffering from a currency meltdown that has seen the value of the lira tumble forcing the reluctant central bank to put in two emergency

WoE CEE Boom has peaked with Elliott Auckland of IIB

May 11, 2018

In November last year bne ran a cover story CEE Booms as the countries, especially in Central Europe came into their own. However, the boom seems to have peaked as the same countries start running into structural limits. Labour markets across the region are drum tight. Wages are rising rapidly.

WoE Black Sea grain is the new oil for Russia and Ukraine

April 13, 2018

Last year Russia smashed all records bringing in 134mn tonnes of grain and earned a whopping $20bn from exports – more than it gets from selling arms abroad. Russia is now the biggest exporter of grain in the world and it is only getting started.  Ukraine is also seeing a revival of its ag

WoE The cost of reform II – boosting Russian incomes in a time of austerity

March 30, 2018

Russian president Vladimir Putin made a lot of big promises in his State of the Nation speech on March 1, but how realistic are they? In the second part of a two part series bne IntelliNews editor-in-chief Ben Aris talks to BCS Global Markets chief economist Vladimir Tikhomirov to discuss these i

WoE The cost of change and Putin's spending promises with Vladimir Tikhomirov - part 1

March 23, 2018

Russian president Vladimir Putin made a lot of big promises in his State of the Nation speech on March 4, but how realistic are they? And how will the Russian government pay for everything? bne IntelliNews editor-in-chief Ben Aris sat down with BCS Global Markets chief economist Vladimir Tikhomirov

WoE Putin for president

March 19, 2018

Russia went to the polls on March 18 to elect a new president. There was never any doubt over who they would choose. President Vladimir Putin was a shoo-in to be re-elected for a forth term in office. Is that a good thing or bad?  bne editor-in-chief Ben Aris sat down with Tom Blackwell, fou

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