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ANALYSIS: Turkey’s net FX reserves excluding swaps fell to minus as of May 17

Akin Nazli in Belgrade May 23, 2019

bne IntelliNews’ calculations show the precarious situation the central bank faces as the unrelenting battle to defend the lira takes an alarming toll. No wonder Turks fear for their hard currency savings.

VOX: Moldova's banking sector turns the corner

Ben Aris in Budapest May 15, 2019

Following the shock of the $1bn stolen from the banking sector in 2014 the government has got its act together and is transforming the business, with some help from the EBRD.

Golden keys to the EU’s back door

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow May 9, 2019

While EU members are taking steps to end or phase out investment for citizenship programmes, the opposite is happening in some potential future members.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Turkey mired in ‘death of democracy’ outrage—but global lenders are unfazed

Akin Nazli in Belgrade May 9, 2019

Erdogan party hacks nevertheless ask why markets give this particular authoritarian regime such a hard time. Answer may be its lack of technocrats with freedom to run macro policy. Lickspittles get you nowhere.

TURKEY INSIGHT: Democracy? That died long ago. Economic recovery? Don’t bet the farm on it

Akin Nazli in Belgrade May 7, 2019

Annulling of Istanbul election result that put a chink in Erdogan’s armour knocks an already ensnared economy and ushers in some dark political scenarios.

ANALYSIS: Officials scrub out Erdogan’s Istanbul defeat. Is Turkey now a “plain dictatorship”?

bne IntelliNews May 6, 2019

Election board cites “irregularities” in scheduling a June 23 rerun. Markets respond to the decision by taking it out on the already battered lira.

15 years on from 2004 wave of EU accessions, convergence but a patchy overall record for CEE countries

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow May 1, 2019

15 years after eight CEE states entered the EU, there have been significant economic gains, but in recent years this has been accompanied by a backsliding on democratic reforms.

INTERVIEW: 2019 to be year of truth for Albania’s new securities exchange

Clare Nuttall in Tirana May 1, 2019

Albania’s new securities exchange, ALSE, hopes to see the country's first ever IPOs this year, but it faces an uphill battle to build confidence and overcome the legacy of the failed Tirana Stock Exchange.

LONG READ: Erdogan loses an election and a new cycle of controlled chaos breaks out. No-one should be surprised

Akin Nazli in Belgrade April 26, 2019

Apparent attempted lynching of opposition leader shows dark polarising forces are again stirring age-old enmities. Populist president has been here before, though not amid such economic turmoil.

Will operation “Broom” sweep pro-western Pendarovski to North Macedonia’s presidency?

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje April 25, 2019

The poor showing for their candidate in the first round of the presidential election shocked North Macedonia’s ruling coalition, which has pledged to wipe out incompetent officials as it fights for the votes of the ethnic Albanian minority.