Slovak inflation rate reaches its highest level since June 2000

bne IntelliNews May 15, 2022

Inflation hits 11.8%, up from the 10.4% recorded in March.

Slovak industrial output drops by 7.3% in March

bne IntelliNews May 11, 2022

Among the sectors, energy (down 29.7% y/y), car manufacturing (down 13.9% y/y) and petroleum-based manufacturing (down 25.6% y/y) fared worst.

EBRD expects 30% GDP contraction in Ukraine in 2022, lowers emerging Europe projections

Clare Nuttall in Marrakesh May 10, 2022

The EBRD has cut its 2022 emerging Europe growth forecasts again, reflecting a sharp downgrade for Ukraine and the regional fallout from the war and sanctions.

Slovak MPs reject prosecutors' request to strip ex-PM Fico of his immunity in Purgatory case

bne IntelliNews May 5, 2022

The vote is a huge blow to the ruling centre-right government and will greatly increase tensions within the fractious four-party coalition.

Czechs join Slovakia and Hungary in demanding exemption from EU embargo on Russian oil

bne IntelliNews May 5, 2022

Heavily-dependent states will be allowed to buy Russian oil exports until the end of 2023, while other states have to cease crude deliveries in six months.

BOOK REVIEW: How the handling of migration from the eastern EU states pushed the UK towards Brexit

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow April 29, 2022

“Here to Stay: Eastern Europeans in Britain” tells the story of the half million citizens of the new EU member states who have moved to the UK since the early 21st century.

Slovak government refuses to comment on speculation it will pay for Russian gas in rubles

bne IntelliNews April 29, 2022

Slovak Economy Minister Richard Sulik said the answer to this question would be made public "in due course".

Visegrad Group needs to 're-invent itself", says Rupnik

Robert Anderson in Prague April 28, 2022

The Visegrad Group of four Central European countries is in “deep freeze” because of the Hungarian-Polish split over the Ukraine war, says Sciences Po professor.

Emerging Europe growth to fall to an average of 3% this year, says wiiw

bne IntelliNews April 28, 2022

Russian GDP forecast to fall by 9-15% this year, while Ukraine's economy could collapse by 38-45%.

Slovakia´s unemployment rate down to 6.67% in March

bne IntelliNews April 22, 2022

A drop in unemployment has been posted in every region of Slovakia, even in districts that used to record high unemployment rates.

Ukraine conflict will trigger recessions across CEE, says Capital Economics

bne IntelliNews April 21, 2022

Russian GDP forecast to slump 12% in 2022, while Ukraine's GDP will halve. Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Baltic states will have two quarters of negative growth.

Former Slovak premier Robert Fico charged with running organised criminal group

bne IntelliNews April 21, 2022

The case could destroy his political career or become another own goal for the government if police fail to make the charges stick.

Slovak annual inflation in March up to its highest level since 2000

bne IntelliNews April 20, 2022

Inflation hits 10.4% in March, driven by growth in prices of food, fuels and energy.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Are broad coalitions really the best way to overthrow authoritarian populists?

Robert Anderson in Prague April 12, 2022

The Hungarian election has dealt a big blow to the once confident hope that broad opposition pre-electoral coalitions are the best way to remove entrenched authoritarian populists from power.

Slovakia donates S-300 air defence system to Ukraine

bne IntelliNews April 10, 2022

Slovakia plans to replace the S-300 system with US-made Patriot systems operated by Nato allies, which are already arriving in the country.

Slovakia expels 35 Russians from Bratislava embassy

bne IntelliNews March 31, 2022

The explusions are part of a series among Nato countries since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

EBRD slashes 2022 growth forecasts but only nations embroiled in war to enter recession

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow March 31, 2022

Ukraine's economy forecast to contract by 20% and projections worsen across emerging Europe — except for Eurasian oil and gas producers Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

The EC Economic Sentiment Index tumbles in March and price rise expectations hit record levels

bne IntelliNews March 30, 2022

European economic sentiment took a hit in March, falling in seven of the ten most important economies, as the war in Ukraine and the economic impact of extreme sanctions on Russia drive up inflation and disrupt supply chains.

VISEGRAD BLOG: V4 turns into V1 as Hungary’s Orban is left isolated over stance towards Putin

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw March 30, 2022

Putin's closest ally in the EU can no longer use the Visegrad Group as a megaphone for his own diplomacy.

Ukraine war will knock 1 to 1.5 points off CEE growth this year, says Capital Economics

bne IntelliNews March 30, 2022

Forecaster expects the war to add 2 percentage points to CEE inflation this year.