Russian aid is too little, too late for Moldova's president

Russian aid is too little, too late for Moldova's president
By Iulian Ernst in Bucharest November 6, 2020

Moldova has announced that it received a grant of MDL50mn (€2.9mn) from Russia to distribute as subsidies for farmers hit by adverse weather.

Received between the two rounds of the presidential elections, it might be interpreted as support for pro-Russian incumbent President Igor Dodon — but in fact it highlights the meagre support actually endorsed by Moscow for Dodon, despite the rhetoric from President Vladimir Putin.

Firstly, the sum is about half of that announced by Dodon at the end of September. Secondly, there is no sign yet of the €500mn loan Russia previously promised Moldova, out of which €200mn were expected this year. The two countries resumed negotiations on the loan agreement after Moldova’s Constitutional Court admitted opposition objections to some clauses in the initial loan agreement.

Dodon also promised Russia will distribute in-kind aid in the form of diesel oil for Moldovan farmers, a promise never met.

Dodon will meet pro-EU candidate Maia Sandu in the second round of the presidential elections in Moldova on November 15, after Sandu received 36% of the votes, 3pp more than Dodon, in the first round.