ING: Hungary seems all set for a record year in 2021

Peter Virovacz is a Senior Economist with ING in Hungary June 6, 2021

The Statistical Office has revised up the first-quarter GDP growth for Hungary to 2.0% quarter on quarter. The strong start and details suggest we are likely to see the economy growing by around 7.4% this year.

RIMMER: Peker has him in his pocket

Julian Rimmer in London June 3, 2021

Mafia boss Sedat Peker’s deliberately provocative YouTube vlogs implicating staunch Erdogan allies have gripped the Turkish public. There’s a paradigm shift afoot in Turkey’s politics and at long last we have The Tinpot Tyrant Takedown.

COMMENT: More speed, less haste – finding the right balance in preparation for Uzbekistan’s SOE privatisation

Fiezullah Saidov director of Uzbekistan Equities in Tashkent June 2, 2021

On May 20021, State Asset Management Agency (UzSAMA) and the World Bank arranged a high-level international forum held in Hyatt Regency Tashkent to lay out the roadmap for Uzbekistan’s privatisation of some its most valuable companies.

STOLYPIN: The challenges of targeting Minsk and doing more harm than good

Mark Galeotti May 31, 2021

Will the West end up saving Alexander Lukashenko by its eagerness to target Vladimir Putin? Will it force a Belarus-Russian Anschluss that no one – not Europe, not Moscow, not Minsk – really wants?

COMMENT: Russian inflation is as infectious as the virus

Petr Ter-Avanesyan of Invest Navigator Telegram channel in Moscow May 28, 2021

Russian authorities have suggested that Russia needs to introduce special grocery and food cards. Prices have been soaring over the last six months, especially for food, and the government has resorted to clumsy administrative responses.

ING: Romania’s previous central bank prudence paying off

Valentin Tataru chief economist for Romania at ING May 27, 2021

By not pushing its key rate close to zero, the National Bank of Romania (NBR) has now just a bit more time to act than its regional peers. While risks for rate hikes in 2021 have increased, we still believe the NBR will try to delay such measures.

RIMMER: The Belgravia banya

bne IntelliNews May 27, 2021

I’m in the Russian Bathhouse in Belgravia, submitting myself to the high-heat, ritualised beating with birch twigs they called the parenie. The furnace and flagellation treatment lasts barely fifteen minutes but the intensity is severe.

COMMENT: Force vs. Smartness – Russia three months before legislative elections

Andras Toth-Czifra in New York May 26, 2021

Russia will hold legislative elections in September this year, along with regional and municipal elections in almost half of the country’s regions. The elections will take place in an environment of unprecedented repression.

COMMENT: How the Gamestop phenomenon hit Russia

Petr Ter-Avanesyan of Invest Navigator Telegram channel in Moscow May 25, 2021

Russian retail investors inspired by the speculative mania surrounding US videogame company GameStop are piling into the domestic stock market and are increasingly seeking to co-ordinate their activities.

Nagorno-Karabakh: in the aftermath of war, Armenia faces an unpalatable choice

Kevork Oskanian May 24, 2021

More than six months have passed since the “second Karabakh war” came to an abrupt end with Armenia all but defeated. The ceasefire left many questions unresolved. Anxieties for Armenians are at fever pitch ahead of a snap election.

Perspectives | Xi’an meeting marks a new chapter for China in Central Asia

Srdjan Uljevic for Eurasianet May 20, 2021

As the only major power at the table, China sets the agenda.

HOMANS: Nord Stream II sanctions is a question of Ukraine's freedom

Robert Homans in Washington DC May 20, 2021

On May 18 came the decision by the Biden Administration to drop sanctions against the company overseeing constructing the Nord Stream II gas pipeline that will, if completed, allow Gazprom to bypass Ukraine’s pipeline network.

RIMMER: Some Muslims are more equal than others

Julian Rimmer in London May 18, 2021

All Muslims are equal but, from the standpoint of the Turkish president at least, some are more equal than others. The value of a Palestinian Arab is prized far above rubies but a Turkic Uighur? Less so.

IFPR BMB Russia: Russia’s inflation caused by greed

FPRI BMB Russia May 16, 2021

Months of export quotas and price controls haven’t worked to reduce inflation meaningfully in Russia, which stood at 5.5% in April. So now the government is blaming the cost increases on "greed."

MACRO ADVISORY: The five Stans back in the Game

Chris Weafer of Macro-Advisory in Moscow May 14, 2021

Now Central Asia has opened up, its major resources mean the rest of the world is paying more attention.

ING: Hungary's inflation is back to 2012 levels and above 5%

Peter Virovacz Senior Economist with ING in Hungary May 13, 2021

Headline inflation significantly accelerated in April, reaching a level not seen since end-2012. Fuel and tobacco triggered the acceleration, and there's more to come.

AFC CAPITAL: Uzbekistan’s Capital Markets Development Agency restructured as privatisation looms

Scott Osheroff in Tashkent May 13, 2021

On April 13, 2021, President Mirziyoyev introduced a sweeping set for reforms to the capital markets that deal with a slew of lingering problems. The state is planning to use the local stock exchange to privatise many of its industrial crown jewels.

10 megatrends shaping emerging Europe in the post-pandemic 2020s

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow May 11, 2021

Visions of a new roaring twenties are seductive but climate change and geopolitics pose threats.

RIMMER: The Zoom when it happened

Julian Rimmer in London May 11, 2021

If you want to mingle with the unelected and corrupt cabal at the apex of the Russian regime, what better way of effecting an introduction than by hiring the erm, corrupt and unelected cabal squatting atop ours? Prince Michael of Kent is available.

ING: Russian CPI slows in April, but no further relief seen till year-end

Dmitri Dolgin chief economist Russia ING May 11, 2021

Russian inflation has come down a little but will remain stuck at about 5.5% for the rest of this year. The Central Bank of Russia is likely to keep tightening at the coming meetings.