FPRI BMB Russia: Putin shakes up Russia’s development agencies

FPRI BMB Russia November 25, 2020

After shaking up the government, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin is moving on to Russia’s development institutions. Mishustin announced the long-awaited reform of Russia’s sprawling network of 40 development institutions.

COMMENT: Ukraine and the Biden Presidency

Robert Homans in Los Angeles November 24, 2020

Will the upcoming Biden Presidency be good for Ukraine? The answer is yes, but there are questions that must be answered.

COMMENT: Moscow's new rules

Dmitri Trenin of the Carnegie Moscow Center November 17, 2020

Three decades on from the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia is learning to be just Russia. Its imperial ambitions have evaporated and its relations with its neighbours have become more pragmatic, as Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Nagorno-Karabakh events show.

STOLYPIN: Hawks in DC risk empowering their counterparts in Moscow

Mark Galeotti director of the consultancy Mayak Intelligence and also an honorary professor at UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies November 16, 2020

There has been a rash of commentary ahead of the Joe Biden presidency calling for a hardening of foreign policy towards Russia, whereas the leading analysts in Moscow see the possibility of a less confrontational Kremlin.

COMMENT: Ukraine is set up for a fast recovery

Nick Piazza of SP Advisors in Kyiv November 16, 2020

The Ukrainian economy is going through a typical V-shaped recovery – a 11.4% y/y drop in 2Q narrowed to c. 5% y/y decline in 3Q, according to SP Advisors, a Kyiv-based investment boutique that is a veteran of investing into Ukraine.

In Karabakh deal, as many questions as answers

Joshua Kucera for Eurasianet November 12, 2020

The deal left unmentioned critical issues like the final status of Nagorno-Karabakh and Turkey’s role in implementing the ceasefire.

FPRI BMB Russia: Government mini-reshuffle

FPRI BMB Russia November 11, 2020

The Russian government underwent a mini-reshuffle yesterday that resulted in new leaders for five of its 21 ministries. In quick order, Putin announced the resignations of several ministers, after which PM Mikhail Mishustin proposed replacements.

CEE Banking Sectors: In crisis and recovery mode at the same time

Gunter Deuber of Raiffeisen Research in Vienna November 6, 2020

There is positive news for all Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) commercial bankers, market observers and investment bankers. The fresh 2020 CEE Banking Report by Raiffeisen Research paints an encouraging picture of banking in CEE.

COMMENT: The problems with sanctions

Lindsay Mackenzie in Glasgow November 4, 2020

On October 23 the United States imposed sanctions on a Russian government research institute for its links to malware used to target critical infrastructure. The trouble is sanctions have largely failed to force the Kremlin to change its ways

COMMENT: The anatomy of Ukraine’s Constitutional Court crisis

Robert Homans in Washington DC November 3, 2020

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is facing the greatest political and constitutional crisis since the end of the Revolution of Dignity