Mongolia's winter dzud set to be one of most extreme on record says Red Cross

Anand Tumurtogoo in Ulaanbaatar January 13, 2021

As warning served, reports of more than 500 Bactrian camels killed amid extreme winter cold in Uvurkhangai province.

Mongolian coal exports to China paralysed as Beijing demands virus testing of truck drivers

Anand Tumurtogoo in Ulaanbaatar December 1, 2020

State budget exposed to significant pressure if situation not remedied quickly. Mongolia in lockdown following recording of first Covid community transmissions.

Mongolia fears economic damage as country faces up to its first local transmissions of coronavirus

Anand Tumurtogoo in Ulaanbaatar November 23, 2020

Disease thought to have travelled from north to south of country after railway officials disregarded prevention rules.

Mongolia in lockdown after suffering first local coronavirus transmissions

Anand Tumurtogoo in Ulaanbaatar November 16, 2020

Truck driver back from Russia infects wife in Ulaanbaatar despite undergoing mandatory quarantine. Second unrelated case discovered in north of country. Locals unhappy at jumbled response from officials.

Mongolia’s wrestling culture: From the grasslands to the cage

Dr. Antonio Graceffo September 25, 2020

“When you’re little, they make you wrestle sheep. When you get older you wrestle horses, and finally, you wrestle camels,” says one wrestler. Can country’s centuries-old wrestling tradition be translated to domination of professional MMA?