Nordic Nato accession set to reinforce Baltic states' security

Linas Jegelevicius in Vilnius May 16, 2022

The accession of Finland and Sweden to Nato will transform the picture in the Baltic region but more military deployments are still needed, argue Baltic experts.

EBRD 2022: Reforms and privatisation to drive Uzbekistan’s mid-term growth

Clare Nuttall in Marrakesh May 16, 2022

Uzbekistan's growth slowed in 2022, but if the pace of reforms continues to be as fast as in the last few years it is expected to rebound to around 10% a year once the current health and geopolitical crises are over.

After war victory, Azerbaijan keeps increasing military spending

Ulkar Natiqqizi for Eurasianet May 13, 2022

This year it is spending more than 10% more than it did before its 2020 defeat of Armenia, and is planning to spend even more in coming years.

What's behind Belarus' latest troops movements along the border with Ukraine?

bne IntelliNews May 13, 2022

While Belarus' latest troop increases along the border with Ukraine have worried many, these actions should be seen in the light of Lukashenko's aim of de-escalating tensions with the West while showing loyalty to Putin.

EBRD 2022: Food security in times of crisis

Ben Aris in Marrakech May 12, 2022

The war in Ukraine has sent prices for food soaring, and they were already high due to the coronavirus pandemic. Even if peace returns tomorrow, prices for grain are likely to remain elevated for the foreseeable future.

Credit card allowance difference between survival and oblivion for millions of Turks amid inflation crisis

Jonny Tickle May 11, 2022

Inflation variously measured at from 70% to 157% has wiped out pay rise gains. There are now more credit cards than people in Turkey.

Georgians take up arms against Russia in Ukraine

Giorgi Lomsadze for Eurasianet May 10, 2022

Georgians make up the most prominent contingent of foreign fighters in Ukraine. At least nine have been killed.

“A war of two worldviews”: Zelenskiy and Putin trade barbs in Victory Day speeches

Theo Normanton May 9, 2022

The Presidents of Ukraine and Russia used their Victory Day speeches to draw parallels between the war in Ukraine and WWII, but Zelenskiy emphasised that Russia and Ukraine are now different countries.

Belarus' looming economic crisis

bne IntelliNews May 8, 2022

The Belarusian regime is expanding the state authorities' grip on the economy to manage the sanctions pressure. However, this may have inverse effects.

Mongolia’s inflation headache goes from bad to worse as thirst for scarce dollars mounts

Antonio Graceffo May 6, 2022

FX reserves fall by $1.2bn in few months—yet small, developing nation must pay for imports in USD.

Perspectives | Does a Russian bank merit a sanctions waiver for Central Asia?

Maximilian Hess for EurasiaNet May 5, 2022

Transkapitalbank has requested the US Treasury let it continue to operate in Central Asia.

Where the 11 Southeast European states stand on the Ukraine war

bne IntelliNews May 5, 2022

Southeast Europe is split over the issues of sanctions on Russia and military aid to Ukraine, with some states firmly in the western camp, some staying neutral and others internally torn.

Baltic states find themselves on the inflation frontline

Linas Jegelevicius in Vilnius May 4, 2022

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are among the most at risk from the economic fallout of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and are currently suffering the highest inflation rates in the EU.

Russian fertility rates fall to record lows on the back of a deteriorating economy and sanctions pressure

Ben Aris in Berlin May 4, 2022

The decline in the size of Russia’s population is accelerating, driven by a combination of the arrival of the demographic dip caused by the 1990s and one of the lowest fertility rates in the world.

The likely impact of EU sanctions on Russian oil imports

Jennifer DeLay May 4, 2022

The EU is mulling proposals for introducing a formal embargo on Russian oil imports, and Russia is already well-versed in embargo evasion techniques.

Hapless Mongolia struggles with a shortage of dollars

Antonio Graceffo in Ulaanbaatar May 3, 2022

Caught between ‘zero-Covid’ China on one side and war-sanctioned Russia on the other, the Mongolians face mounting difficulties.

Shortages force North Macedonia to change its farm policy

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje May 3, 2022

North Macedonia is struggling with record-high food prices and shortages of cooking oil, wheat and flour.

Dark days for Belarusian potash

bne IntelliNews May 3, 2022

Sanctions are taking its toll on the Belarusian economy, and its making some of the world's largest potash fertiliser importers rethink their trade-dependence on the post-Soviet nation.

Bulgaria’s president, government in open conflict over military aid for Ukraine

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia May 2, 2022

The war in Ukraine drew a clear line in Bulgarian political life, with President Rumen Radev positioning himself firmly on Moscow’s side and opposing the government’s plans to approve military aid to Ukraine.

The energy war with Russia escalates as Europe searches for ways to cut off Russian oil imports

Ben Aris in Berlin April 29, 2022

Can Europe cut off supplies of Russian oil? If it does, how can it replace imports of Russian crude? Can Russia switch and sell its oil to other markets such as in Asia? Is there enough demand in new markets to absorb all the Russian oil?