INTERVIEW: Making privatisation work in Uzbekistan

Clare Nuttall in Tashkent July 23, 2021

Despite the pandemic conditions Uzbekistan accelerated its privatisation drive this spring. The head of the State Assets Management Agency Akmalkhon Ortikov explains how.

Azerbaijani government silent on phone spying revelations

Heydar Isayev for Eurasianet July 22, 2021

The list of journalists and activists reportedly spied on using the Israeli-made Pegasus software continues to grow. But Baku is keeping quiet.

Da Vinci fund III aims to deRussify its portfolio companies and make them more valuable

Ben Aris in Berlin July 18, 2021

Da Vinci Capital, one of Russia’s biggest private equity investors, has been helping its portfolio companies to build up a more international business that will increase their valuation. Now it has launched a new fund that excludes Russia entirely.

DATACRUNCH: demographic disaster in Russia, but a catastrophe in Ukraine

Ben Aris in Berlin July 15, 2021

Russia is facing two decades of stagnation thanks to its shrinking population caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union. But in Ukraine the problem is far worse, as the population has shrunk to levels last seen in the '50s.

bneGREEN: Drought causes mass livestock die-offs and irrigation water shortages in Central Asia

bne IntelIiNews July 15, 2021

Studies detect shifts in precipitation patterns in the Tian Shan mountains that supply region with much of its freshwater.

LONG READ: Putin’s babies

Ben Aris in Berlin July 14, 2021

Russia’s economy is expected to stagnate for the next two decades because the population is now shrinking. President Putin made fixing the demographic problem a core goal and big successes have been scored, but the problem is too big to fix.

INTERVIEW: Europlan, the pioneer of Russia’s car leasing business

Ben Aris in Berlin July 13, 2021

Why buy a car when you can lease one? The option of leasing vehicles is perfect for Russia’s fast growing economy. Europlan has been on the market for two decades and pioneered leasing in Russia.

Villagers in shadow of Kyrgyzstan dam incensed by Uzbekistan deal

Ayzirek Imanaliyeva for Eurasianet July 12, 2021

The land transfer has fuelled anger and rumours about Kyrgyzstan’s new populist leadership.

Kremlin holds Afghan peace talks with Taliban in Moscow

Ben Aris in Berlin July 12, 2021

The delegation of top fighters turned up saying the Taliban already controls most of Afghanistan.

What does the Taliban’s ascendancy mean for Tajikistan?

Kamila Ibragimova a pseudonym for a journalist in Tajikistan July 10, 2021

Afghanistan’s border with Tajikistan has fallen almost completely – if not fully – under Taliban control. How and when did this happen?

Russia faces a stagnant decade of 1.5% GDP growth after the coronacrisis

Ben Aris in Berlin July 8, 2021

Iikka Korhonen, chief economist at Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition, has released a paper looking at Russia’s long-term growth potential and the outlook is bad.

wiiw raises its GDP forecast for 20 out of 23 countries in CEE

bne IntelliNews July 8, 2021

The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies has raised its GDP growth forecasts for 20 out of 23 countries in Central and Eastern Europe as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic starts to recede.

bneGREEN: What is green?

bne IntelliNews July 6, 2021

Defining green energy and indeed green investments is not an exact science, Determining just how green each of the various energy sources are gets complicated once you start digging into the details.

Coronavirus cancellation of Mongolia's Naadam deals harsh blow

Antonio Graceffo & Dandar Jamsran in Ulaanbaatar July 5, 2021

Mongolia's most important annual festival, Naadam, has been held every year for the past 800 years, but it has been laid low by the coronavirus pandemic for the second year in a row. Naadam was cancelled on July 2.

A bumpy road towards relevance for Kazakhstan's AIFC stock market

Kanat Shaku in Almaty July 5, 2021

Three years ago, Central Asia’s largest economy launched a new financial centre, complete with a bourse that runs on a Nasdaq trading platform. So how’s it faring? The jury is still very much out.

Russia’s Softline global software reseller and services company goes global

Ben Aris in Berlin July 5, 2021

Set up in Russia in 1993 to resell software to the growing market, in 2000 the company decided to diversify and today is present in 55 countries and did $1.8bn worth of business last year.

Coronavirus vaccine tourism from Iran to Armenia explodes

Daniel Rad in Dublin July 5, 2021

Armenia has seen a marked increase in Iranians crossing the border of the country to get vaccinated against coronavirus (COVID-19) in recent weeks, Tik reported on July 4.

Ukraine’s banks on the mend, tracking 2019 results

bne IntelliNews July 4, 2021

Ukraine’s banks managed to avoid the worst of the coronacrisis and found their business largely unaffected by the events of the last year.

Changing world gives agrifood tech a boost in Romania

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow July 4, 2021

Agrifood tech is poised to grow in Romania, which combines one of Europe’s largest agricultural areas with a strong IT sector, say the authors of a new report on the sector.

Almaty nonchalant over earthquake fears

Almaz Kumenov for Eurasianet June 30, 2021

As Kazakhstan awaits the Big One, its seismologists are underfunded while ever-taller buildings rise in the earthquake-prone commercial capital.