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Russia releases French Baring Vostok partner on house arrest

bne IntelliNews August 16, 2019

Moscow court released French partner of Baring Vostok Capital Partners Philippe Delpal from pre-trial detention and put him under house arrest on Thursday August 15.

Russia’s LNG production soaring in 2019

Ben Aris in Berlin August 16, 2019

Russia has kept is oil and gas production capped in keeping with the terms of the OPEC+ deal, but the production of LNG has soared in the last year, as the Kremlin hopes to turn gas into a commodity that can be sold anywhere.

Has the Kremlin already scuppered Russia's next generation high speed 5G mobile phone network before it has been built?

bne IntelliNews August 15, 2019

Has the Kremlin already scuppered the launch of the next generation high speed 5G mobile phone network before it has been built? Some industry participants think so after the Russian government assigned a a little used frequency band for the system t

More publications switch from Kiev to Kyiv and ignore the “chicken thing”

Ben Aris in Berlin August 15, 2019

After resisting for years, two more leading publications have switched the spelling of Ukraine’s capital from Kiev to Kyiv.

Ukraine’s economy takes off? Economic growth jumps to 4.6% in 2H19

bne IntelliNews August 15, 2019

The strong gain was driven by a bumper grain harvest and soaring grain exports that allowed Ukraine to overtake Russia as the biggest exporter of grain in the world for the first time in three years.

Russian watchdog proposes to privatise Aeroflot's lowcoster Pobeda

bne IntelliNews August 14, 2019

Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has proposed the privatisation of the budget airline Pobeda, part of the national air carrier Aeroflot Group, and let it concentrate on domestic routes to bring prices down

Ukraine’s fruit and berry exports expected to boom this year

bne IntelliNews August 13, 2019

Ukraine’s fruit and berry production is flourishing and exports are expected to boom this year, according to Pro-Consulting, Unian reported on August 13.

TV losing its power to influence as a news source in Russia

Eurasianet August 13, 2019

TV used to be the main source of power in Russia, but unlike China, the internet is open and younger people get the majority of their news and information online. The state has belatedly woken up to the need to control online content

Booming Russian OFZ sales put on pause in July

Ben Aris in Berlin August 12, 2019

After dramatically bouncing back this year from a nasty sanction-inspired sell-off last year, it appears that investors into Russian Ministry of Finance ruble-denominated OFZ treasury bills have taken a pause.

Moscow sees biggest protest rally since 2011 as Kremlin's brutal police tactics backfire

Ben Aris in Berlin August 11, 2019

An estimated 60,000 people turned out for the fourth in a series of weekend protests in central Moscow on August 10, a number too large for the Kremlin to ignore.

Fitch upgrades Russia’s rating, returning it to 2014 level

bne IntelliNews August 11, 2019

Fitch cited Russia’s strengthened policy mix, low external debt and robust fiscal health as reasons for the upgrade.The one black mark is for Russia's anaemic growth.

Wildberries overtakes Sportmaster as Russia’s biggest clothes retailer, e-commerce outlet market leader for first time

Ben Aris in Berlin August 9, 2019

Wildberries, Russia’s biggest e-commerce site, has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. Founder Tatyana Bakalchuk became the country's second female billionaire this year after company revenue broke $1bn barrier.

Russia's Gazprom could SPO another 3.7% in autumn 2019

bne IntelliNews August 8, 2019

Russia's natural gas giant and pipeline exports monopolist Gazprom could SPO an additional 3.7% of its quasi-treasury shares in the next few months to cash in again on a dramatic rally in the company’s share price in July

Russian Zvezda shipyard loses two major icebreaker orders

bne IntelliNews August 7, 2019

Russia already has three nuclear powered icebreaker needed to navigate the icy Arctic waters but with more orders in the works two shipyards are vying to capture this lucrative business.

Russia's Levada and VTsIOM polls dramatically disagree on sentiment over the Moscow protests

Ben Aris in Berlin August 7, 2019

The results of a poll by independent pollster the Levada Center violently disagreed with a poll by the state-owned pollster, the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM), on the reaction to the weekend protests over the upcoming city council

Latest sanctions against Russia could support OFZ market

bne IntelliNews August 7, 2019

The latest US sanctions against Russia that limit the buying of Russian sovereign debt on the primary market are not only neutral for Russian sovereign debt market, but could actually support the domestic federal OFZ bonds, analysts told Reuters on A

Ukraine's battered Odesa Port Plant relaunches operations

bne IntelliNews August 6, 2019

Ukraine's battered Odesa Port Plant (OPP), which has been standing idle since late April 2018, restarted its operations in early August, according to the company's first deputy director Mykola Schurikov.

Ukraine considers repeating tender for offshore oil and gas block

bne IntelliNews August 6, 2019

London-traded oil company Trident Resources recently won a contest for exploration rights to more than 9,500 square km of acreage in the Black Sea, although the government has suggested it may cancel the award.

Kremlin victory as opposition weekend protests are quickly and brutally disbursed

bne IntelliNews August 4, 2019

Russian police arrested more than 800 people and quickly broke up a demonstration on August 3, apparently randomly attacking peaceful protesters as well as many innocent passersby.

Ukraine president confirms existence of 'resignation letters' drafted by chief of his staff, all team members

bne IntelliNews August 2, 2019

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has confirmed the existence of a resignation letter drafted by the chief of his staff Andriy Bohdan, as well as other members of the presidential team, however, Zelenskiy is not going to sign them at the moment