Croatia’s Greyp to work with blockchain groups on automated vehicle payments

Croatia’s Greyp to work with blockchain groups on automated vehicle payments
By bne IntelliNews October 25, 2019

Croatian start-up Greyp, a pioneer in the production of electric bicycles, has announced a partnership with two blockchain groups to take forward its work on vehicles’ automated payments for tolls and rentals and green energy charging.

Greyp said it is working with Germany-based Internet of Things (IoT) company for its expertise on connecting physical devices to blockchain, as well as the non-profit Energy Web Foundation (EWF) that applies blockchain in the energy sector. 

The partnership will initially cover machine-to-machine (M2M) value transfer, which allows vehicles to pay for tolls and charging, and vehicle access management that facilitates rentals, including using cryptocurrency.

“ recently partnered with Greyp! We're excited to integrate #Incubed into the company's G6 smart e-bike. Check out our partnership,” announced on its Facebook page. was acquired by Blockchains LLC, a US company planning to build a blockchain-based “smart city” in the Nevada desert earlier this year. 

Greyp said in September it had already successfully connected a G6 e-bike to one of EWF’s charging stations, and executed transactions between the bike and the charger whereby the bike effectively “paid” for its own charging. 

“We envision a network where every vehicle has a digital ‘wallet’ enabling autonomous machines to receive and create payments, both to humans and to other machines … This is a big step forward toward realising our vision for a sustainable, connected future,” said Greyp COO Kresimir Hlede in a statement. 

Greyp is a sister company of Croatian electric supercar company Rimac Automobili. It is in the process of carrying out a digitalised equity offering for retail investors.